10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Ten Years, a decade! Congratulations - you have reached your 10th Wedding Anniversary. Sometimes referred to as the Decennial anniversary. Well done! This year is a celebration of the fact that together you have created a successful marriage. You have been together for ten years, no doubt with your ups and downs. What better reason to celebrate?

Some sources report that the tin and aluminum symbols of the tenth wedding anniversary gift represent durability and pliability, meaning it can be bent but not broken. Within your marriage by this stage you will have experience the need to compromise on some things, but your marriage is still going strong.

Without further ado - some gift suggestions:

Traditional: aluminum/tin

  • Tin or Aluminum Paper Weight
  • Antique Tin Toys
  • Tin Snips or Cutters
  • Tin Cup Jewelry
  • Aluminum Watches
  • Tea and Coffee Tins
  • Aluminum Jewelry Box
  • Aluminum Vase
  • Games and Puzzles in Tins
  • Bake some Cookies and present in Tin Container
  • Tin made Candlestick
  • Aluminum Music Box.
  • Aluminum Watch
  • Sports Equipment
  • Camping Equipment
  • Fishing Poles
  • Aluminum tin


  • Check out flea markets, eBay, antique shops, for collectible tins and aluminum toys.

  • If you can't find anything suitable in aluminum/tin wrap your anniversary gift in an aluminum, and then cover the aluminum foil with a bright color of cellophane.

    Modern: Diamond jewelry
    This gift idea really speaks for itself, though here are some suggestions you may not have thought of:

  • Anniversary Ring
  • Bracelet
  • Earrings
  • Pendant
  • Cuff links
  • Pins and Brooches
  • Watch

    Flower: Daffodil (pictured right)

  • Daffodil themed presents
  • Bunch of Daffodils
  • Messages, click here

    Gemstone: Diamond, Black Onyx, Blue Sapphire

    How to Celebrate

    After ten years of wedded fun, some things have probably changed. Children might be on the scene, so the way you celebrate your anniversary might be different. But please if you do have kids, don't let them rule.

    You could divide your anniversary into two parts - one part as a family and the other adults only! If you can organize a getaway, if not - make the time for romance at home.

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