15th Wedding Anniversary
Guide to Celebrating in Style!

Congratulations on your 15th wedding anniversary. This is a significant anniversary indeed!

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15th Wedding Anniversary Symbols

Traditional: Crystal
Modern: Watches
Flower: Rose
Gemstone: Ruby/Rhodolite garnet

15th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional: Crystal

  • Rose made of crystal

  • Crystal bowl

  • Crystal vase

  • Crystal glasses

  • Crystal photo frame

  • Crystal candle holders

    Share your 15th anniversary ideas and experiences with us.

    We want to hear from you, share your 15th anniversary gift and celebration ideas and experiences here

    Modern: Watches

    Accutron 28M04

  • Waterproof watch

  • Fashion watch

  • Gold watch

  • Old fashioned time piece

    Anniversary Gemstones


    15 years together is an appropriate time to give a ring to symbolize the years you have spent together. Using any of the 3 gemstones will be a lovely way to remember your 15th anniversary.

    The gemstones are ruby, rhodolite garnet or alexandrite. (Ruby ring in picture above).

  • Anniversary Ring

  • Bracelet

  • Earrings

  • Pendant

  • Cuff links

  • Pins and Brooches

  • Watch

    Tips for Buying Jewelry Online:

  • Always note the dimensions of the jewelry
    (it may look larger than it is)

  • Buy only from a reputable online store

  • With rubies the 3 main considerations are -
    rarity, durability and beauty

  • Check whether jewelry item is solid or just plated

  • Consider different gold colors
    (rose, yellow, white)

  • When buying gold note the caret size
    (9ct, 18ct, 24ct)
  • Anniversary Flower: Rose

    15th wedding anniversary flower

    Roses are the classical romantic flower aren't they. You could hardly go wrong giving a bunch to your spouse. Interestingly different rose colors have different meanings.

    For example:

  • Dark Red Roses: deep passion, readiness
    for a commitment, unconscious beauty

  • Lavender Color Roses: majesty and
    splendor, wonder and impossibility

  • White Rose: purity and innocence,
    marriages and new beginnings, everlasting love, I am worthy of you, remembrance

  • Orange Rose: Fascination, Passion and Desire, Enthusiasm and Energy, "I am so proud of you"

    These days, life is made easy! You don't even have to leave the house to order your anniversary flowers. Fresh flowers delivered internationally by local florists right to your front doorstep. What could be easier, tick - 15th wedding anniversary flowers sent!

    If you are still wondering what to get your wife check out our anniversary gifts for her page. And for your husband we have the anniversary gifts for him page.

  • 15th Anniversary Celebration Ideas

    Filling up your new crystal vase with roses...
    Pick the right color for your anniversary message...

    Go on a diving trip wearing your new waterproof watch...
    Enjoy the wonders of the sea...

    Have a delicious picnic down by the lake wearing your new ruby ring...
    Remeber to pack a good bottle of red and some yummy cheeses...

    Go for a long ambling walk, remembering to smell the roses...
    Enjoy your stroll walking hand in hand...

    Celebrate with friend and family...
    By having a 15th anniversary party...

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