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Cotton, the symbol of second year wedding anniversaries, allows a multitude of opportunities for anniversary gift ideas. However, it also makes for a difficult decision if you want to make the gift a bit different from the traditional anniversary gift.

A Little Background About Cotton Anniversary Gifts

Cotton has been cultivated since prehistoric times. It is derived from a shrub and, in America by the mid-nineteenth century, it had become the leading crop of the Southern states and was known as King Cotton. The job of growing and harvesting the cotton plants in the American South fell to the slaves who themselves were the possessions of the plantation owners.

By the end of the Civil War in 1865 the slaves were given their freedom and many of the plantation homes had been destroyed by the Northern troops. However, cotton remained an important crop.

Your wife is sure to be thrilled and appreciative to receive a 2 year anniversary gift that is most unusual and surprising. Today, all over the Southern States, there are former glorious plantation homes that can be toured or which have become bed and breakfasts or hotels.

What a great 2nd wedding anniversary gift idea to surprise your wife with a vacation at or near one of these lovely and charming old cotton plantations or an inn associated with it. Here are some ideas, but there are many more:

Charleston, South Carolina, itself a lovely and historic seaport city, is the location of the Planters Inn, circa 1844. The city is charming and there are beaches nearby. The Chretien Point Plantation is in Southern Louisiana. The 1831 brick mansion was once a ten thousand acre cotton plantation and now operates as a bed and breakfast. The mini ball hole in one of the outer doors will be sure to remind you that you are in the middle of Civil War country!

In Southern Louisiana is Tezcuco, a Greek Revival styled plantation cottage that is now a bed and breakfast. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and one of the last of them built before the Civil War.

The State of Alabama is actually called "The Cotton State" and known as such because of its location in the center of the cotton belt. Even today cotton is an important crop in Alabama. There are many plantation houses in Alabama, most of which are on the National Register of Historic Places. Several are located in Marengo County near Faunsdale, Alabama.

One is Faunsdale Plantation near which the town holds a yearly Crawfish Festival with music and dancing and at the same time Biker Rally which is for adults only. Also located in Faunsdale are Cedar Grove Plantation, Cuba Plantation, and Cedar Crest Farms. Along with this idea for a cotton anniversary gift, you might consider taking a southern riverboat cruise, in connection with the cotton idea. Paddlewheel or sternwheel riverboats were very important transport back in the days when cotton was king.

Southern Empress cruises in Texas does cruises on a replica of an authentic 1800's sternwheeler riverboat. But to be really authentic, cruise the Mississippi River, which was the most important waterway of the Civil War era. The LaCrosse Queen is a replica of a paddlewheel riverboat that actually uses the paddlewheel for power, not a steam engine.

So, these are just a couple of ideas for a vacation involving cotton for a 2 year anniversary gift for your wife. Shhhhh, let it be a big surprise, because this is so unusual an idea for a cotton anniversary, that she's bound to be delighted.

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