21st Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea!

Question from Wilma (South Africa)

We will be married 21 years on the 12th March. Is there a symbol for 21 years? I do not know what to get my hubby for our 21st wedding anniversary?


Hi Wilma,

Congratulations on your 21st anniversary!

Traditionally the wedding anniversary gift list did not have a symbol for every anniversary. However in the modern list there is a symbol for every year. Your 21st anniversary is brass or nickel.

You have inspired me to go ahead and build a 21st anniversary page (it has been on the to-do list for a while!) Visit 21st wedding anniversary ideas

You have not said much about your husband. So my help to you may be a bit general! Men usually fall under a few categories - sports, hobbies or gadgets.

For your sporty husband can I suggest season passes to his favorite team (baseball season is upon us, sports memorabilia or sports equipment.

For your husband who has a very definite hobby a subscription to a hobby magazine is always a good idea. You could also get some tools for him to use - if he loves gardening a new shovel, if model trains are his thing - paint set for example.

Ah, gadgets. Men love them! The latest whats-it, just make sure its flash, has lots of functions and the smaller the better with gadgets. Some ideas - mp3 player, iphone or a new gps unit for his car (you can get them with all sorts of voices nowadays!).

Thank you for your question Wilma.

All the best,


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