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Suppose you are going to host an anniversary party for a couple that has been married for 25 years. What themes, colors, foods, favors and gifts would work well as you throw a 25th anniversary party? What about a 25th wedding anniversary toast?

The fundamental choices to be made are whether the party will be formal, informal or casual, and how many people will be invited. Once these fundamental decisions are made, it is time to organize the anniversary party. It can be as elegant, creatively wondrous, or even zany as suits the host and the couple.

Here are three sets of 25th anniversary party ideas. Silver is the customary gift and color for 25th wedding anniversaries. This is a wonderful color to feature in developing the anniversary party plans. It works exceptionally well for an elegant formal event, yet can be featured in other ways for an informal or casual party. An added benefit is that 25th wedding anniversary supply providers will have plenty of silver decorations, tableware, and festive additions to the party right on hand.

Formal Parties:
Planning an Anniversary Party

For the formal event, the cliché "less is more" should be applied: use lots of black trimmed with silver for 25th anniversary invitations as well as decorations, and add a single, strong color by choosing, for example, red roses or royal blue bows for decorating.

For less formal parties, try brainstorming everything silver and look for a fun theme that emerges. Examples from television and film include the Tin Man in the "Wizard of Oz", R2D2 in "Star Wars", and the Lone Ranger's horse, Silver. Silver instruments, balloons, rocket ships, foil, swords, picture frames, vehicles and 50's style chrome all come to mind.

The second set of 25th anniversary party ideas omes from asking, "What about this couple's wedding and their honeymoon?" The colors, setting, flowers and other details of the wedding can be featured in the 25th anniversary party planning. Where did they go for their honeymoon? If they went to Hawaii, for example, try Hawaiian decorations, or make the event a luau. Similarly, places like London, Ireland, Mexico, the Caribbean, Alaska, or any number of National Parks lend themselves to 25th anniversary party plans.

Third, what went on 25 years ago? What can be drawn from the year or time period of the wedding to put together vintage 25th anniversary party decorations? What were the movies of the year, and what was the music of the day? Who won the Super Bowl and the World Series? What were the most important (non-tragic) news events, and what were the great inventions of the day? With the answers to these questions at hand, look for a fun, creative vintage theme - or have the entire party become a period piece.

Even the 25th anniversary party favor can be drawn from the popular culture at the time of the wedding. These questions can be narrowed from a global scope to the context of the wedding: Perhaps the couple's college teams, hometown news, or particular interests at the time they were married could be featured. Use a search engine and enter the year of the wedding, then click topics within articles to find great themes for this milestone celebration.

Hope you enjoyed these 25th anniversary party ideas.

Editors note: If you want some fun games ideas - check out for our top 10 anniversary party games, and also our visitor contributed anniversary party game ideas.

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