25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts
For Your Parents

Choosing special 25th wedding anniversary gifts for your parents, does not have to be hard. As the anniversary couples child/ren you are in a unique position to get them something memorable.

Do Dinner. If you are still at school and are not yet earning "real money" finding affordable 25th wedding anniversary gifts can be a challenge. These ideas are all under $50.

Tidy up the house, find the good china (assuming that this will not cause a problem!), good cutlery etc and be your parents waiter/waitress for an evening.

Prepare a nice meal for them. Remember to present it nicely! If you are not very experienced at cooking, choose a simple dish. Recipezaar is a fantastic resource for recipes online.

Memory Frame. When in doubt the old family photo in a silver frame goes over a treat for your parents silver anniversary present. Pictures should include photos of their wedding, children, grandchildren, friends; trips taken together, homes lived in, etc. You could also have family trees including long lost relatives. Include stories or notes from you, any siblings and your parents' friends. It is a bit cheesy, but trust me, most parents love this kind of stuff, especially Mums/Moms (sidenote - I'm from NZ and "Mom" just doesn't come out naturally!)

25th Wedding Anniversary Plaque. You will know if it is your parents thing or not. When their 50th anniversary comes around it would be great to have a memory from their 25th.

Happy Anniversary Music Box. A bit different to a plaque, but a great 25th wedding anniversary gifts idea! A treasured keepsake idea - click here to check out the Happy 25th Anniversary Music Box from San Francisco Music Box.

Personalized Champagne Glasses. These are a great idea for 25th wedding anniversary gifts, they are an elegant, affordable gift to your parents.

Silver Clock. You could get your clock engraved with a special message to make it more personal. I liked this cute silver clock from Raffaello. Click here to take a peek at the silver mantel clock.

Organize a Family Portrait Session. This can be done by a amatuar photographer friend, or by a professional (though this can be a bit costly)

25 Year Wedding Anniversary - Years of Marriage Photo Book. 25th wedding anniversary gifts are a great time for that personal gift! Buy a nice album and put one picture from each year of marriage in in. You may want to take the photos you plan to use to a photo shop and make copies (don't want you to accidently cut the only picture up accidently)Feel free to add some personal comments to the pictures.

Your Parents Lives on the "Silver Screen". Put together a slideshow or video featuring your parents lives. Try to get some from when they were dating, and don't forget to include big moments such as when they had kids! Depending on where you live you may find a little or botique cinema can be rented out for viewing (if they accept dvd's) we have done this before - for a 20 seater (yes tiny!) cinema it cost $250 for a private viewing. Invite your parents and close friends to a screening to celebrate the big day. You can serve popcorn and candy bars and drinks to stick to your budget. Have silver wrapped candy (ie Hershys kisses).

Music from Memory Lane. Put together a CD with music from the year they were married (you could also include the years they were dating). Music is a fantastic way to be reminded on special moments in life, you may have to put up with your parents saying "oh remember when this came out and we..." many times over! (The public library can be a great source of music.)

"On this Date in History" As a unique 25th wedding anniversary gifts idea - put together a collection of newspaper clippings (or anything you can find out about the date they were married over the years) from the date your parents got married. Start with the wedding day through to their 25th anniversary (you might have to do the last part at the last minute, or leave it up to 24 years.

Silver Engraved Photo Frame. Get a double sided picture frame and put a picture from your parents wedding day on one side, and a up to date photo on the other. You can get the year of the wedding and also the year of the 25th wedding anniversary engraved. You could also add a personal message if you choose.

Small Party/Gathering. If your parents aren't planning to have an anniversary party, you could organise a small gathering of close friends and family. Ask everyone to include a picture or story of your parents. Serve nibbles and have a slideshow going in the background (alternatively picture board).

A Photograph Portrait. Sometimes all those candid family photos just don't show people at their best. A session with a professional photographer to record your parents for their 25th wedding anniversary would make a fantastic memorable gift. Make sure you check the photographers past work (In my experience, anyone can say "I'm a professional" but that doesn't necessarily make them the right photographer for you, photographers have vastly different styles.)

Show Your Love and Appreciation. Many parents just want to know that they are loved and appreciated by their children. Make a speech at your parents 25th anniversary party, saying good things about your parents. Let them know in a heartfelt letter if public speaking is not your thing. Just make sure you let them know - this will be the greatest gift of all.

Give Your Parents a Good Memories. In the average family, parents sacrifice alot for their children. They don't have time for themselves, or fun times. Sometimes it gets to the point that they can't even comprehend doing something for themselves! (I know this is not the case with all parents, but for those lucky enough to have such dedicated parents...) Give them money (or voucher) with strict instructions that this is to be used as a couple, for fun, and not one sensible, practical thing is to be purchased with it. Suggestions could be see a play, dinner and a romantic movie, a bottle of wine and a beautiful hotel with room service. Make sure it is clear that you are giving them a chance to make a happy memory.

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