25th wedding anniversary party I wish I had

by Catherine
(CA, United States)

Looking back at my own 25th anniversary party plans, I believe I myself would be more open to some wilder and crazier idea's. Back then, I looked at it as just another day in paradise. Now that it has come and gone and will never be around again.. referring of course to 25 years of staying together, I would have gone crazy with tons of past and present picture's of ourselves.

Also, I would have had a band playing an array of a few dozen of our old favorite songs that we use to dance and party too. I now know that I would have some how made sure also that our 3 children where there to also enjoy the moment, and to see that a silver anniversary can be achieved with devoted love and respect for each other. Hopefully, seeing us being together for 25 years of still loving each other as if it where just yesterday... It would inspire them to replicate their old man and their old lady. (as they would call it).

In respect to Our 25th anniversary party it should have taken place(if possible)in the very first restaurant we ever met in or had dinner together in. If for no other reason... It would be to bring back that moment of lust and excitement that we had and still have for each other.

The restaurant's function room of course would have been decked out in 25th anniversary Silver Roses. Which by the way for those who have never had the opportunity to be presented with a silver rose...

Silver Roses are a very rare Hybrid Purple Rose. At the dinner table of course would be a cluster of 25 silver roses wrapped in a silver bow with our names and stating the fact that indeed it is a Silver 25th Anniversary. The flowers themselves would bring a refreshing scent of remembrance of a loving 25 years of dedication.

With the dinner and the activities continue, suddenly the band plays the very first song we ever danced to. Then as we cling to each other like we did 25 years ago swaying to the music, once again the memories take over the moment and we both look in each others eye's (as we did 25 years ago) and at the exact same instant we whisper softly to each other how wonderful you look tonight.

As the party winds down and all the friends and relatives disperse for the evening, we both take this time to reflect on how very lucky we are to still have the love and affection as we did 25 years in the past.

Now that the party is over and we prepare to pay the tab for dinner and the cost of the function room, we find that our loving friends and family not only covered the entire cost, the manager of the restaurant presented us with a 25th Anniversary cake designed with all their names and pictures of our lovely children and grand children,wishing us another happy 25 years of happiness.

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Mar 03, 2012
25th I wish I had...
by: Anonymous

I have to admit...this is exactly the type of 25th Wedding Anniversary party I DON'T want to have! It just sounds so sappy and "old". I was looking for some trendy and eclectic ideas.
I did like your thoughts on using lots of old pictures of you and your husband. I think "then" and "now" pictures of the wedding party as well as the bride & groom would be fun...

Nov 20, 2009
Some great 25th anniversary party ideas...
by: Michelle from the Wedding Anniversary site

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for sharing with us the celebration you wish you had had. Maybe if someone else doesn't want to celebrate, they will read your story and be inspired to have no regrets and make sure they have a 25th anniversary get-together with family.

All the best with any further wedding anniversaries!


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