25th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

We have all sorts of 25th wedding anniversary party ideas and tips for you. Planning a successful silver anniversary party is important as this is the first of the major anniversaries. A celebration is in order!

Jump to 25th wedding anniversary party ideas for entertainment, gift ideas, decoration ideas or tips for buying invitations online.

Having a 25th anniversary party that goes beyond the standard punch, streamers and cake is in your reach. Careful planning is needed to create a party that goes well. Don't hesitate to ask friends and family to help out with the organizing. If the party is for you, even more so. You don't want to spend your party making sure everything is going well. Delegate tasks to responsible people.

There are so many different types of parties that you could throw for your silver anniversary. Choose one that suits your style and your budget. If you normally have casual social gatherings, there is no reason why you can't have a more formal party. This is a special occasion after all!

25th Wedding Anniversary Party Decorations

There are many 25th wedding anniversary party ideas for decorations! You may want to share your 25th anniversary party experience or decoration ideas via the parties ideas form. We would love to hear for you!

  • Silver sashes tied on each chair.

  • For the tables have silver centerpieces.

  • Serve the food in silver dishes.

  • Display a silver 25th wedding anniversary banner.

  • Small dishes with candy or chocolates wrapped in silver tin foil.

  • Silver helium balloons attached to each table as centerpieces.

  • Dishes with 25th anniversary mints wrapped in silver.

  • Display photos in silver frames, maybe one recent and one wedding day picture.

  • Tie party favors with silver ribbon.

  • Stylish silver anniversary balloons

  • Be sparing on the decorations sometimes less is more!

    25th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas for Entertainment

  • Have a photo storyboard. Make a collage of photos for display. Ask friends and family for their photos will help make this a success. Maybe do it in time order, starting with the couple as small children through to now.

  • Any talented musicians and singers in the family? A performance of a few songs could be put on for the anniversary couple. This would be a great gift and entertainment. Make sure to record this on a video camera!

  • Create a family slideshow to music with favorite photos over the years. Play this on a projector in the background or have a screening at your 25th anniversary party.

  • Put together a "did you know" list of facts and interesting things about the couple. Mention how they met, and if you can find out funny first date stories. Do a bit of research to find little known facts about the anniversary pair. Don't mention anything that would embarrass the couple. Read this out when the speeches are done.

  • Display a nice picture of the anniversary couple at their wedding beside a recent one. Remember to put it in a silver frame to show the 25 years they have been married. If they have children they could be included too.

  • Have a 25th wedding anniversary guestbook for people to sign. Put it somewhere that people will see it. The MC could even make an announcement that for those who wish to make a comment there is a guest book available.

  • Have a band or a Dj for musical entertainment. A lively party is a good party. Get some dance competitions happening! Not all people like dancing though, so check with the anniversary couple first.

  • Have a video camera to record any speeches or anecdotes of the gathering. Using a tripod is a good idea as it keeps the camera steady and means that one person doesn't miss out because they are too busy holding the camera.

  • Speeches are almost expected at such an event as your 25th wedding anniversary party. they do not have to be long. A brief thank you for coming, some nice comments about the anniversary couple should be enough if you don't like giving speeches.

    25th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas for Invitations

    Buying online has become more and more popular. And buying your 25th anniversary party invitations is no exception. Some points to check when buying invitations online.

  • Do they quality control(eproof) their work
  • Do they offer competitive rates?
  • Do they offer free shipping?
  • Check invitation thickness and paper quality

    With these considerations in mind you can start your invitation search. Here are a few online invitation stores that are recommended.

    25th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas: Invitations by eInvite

    Testimonial from eInvite

    I have used your service twice for invitations, and both times I have been very pleased. The quality of the invitations is exceptional, much better than I expected. The ink colors are true and very rich. The paper stock is heavy and almost creamy. The wide selection of typefaces allows you to find one that suits your events and your personality. Best of all, the web site is easy to use, and the preview feature really lets you see what you are going to get before you buy. It is the best invitation service I have found online. Thanks. I will recommend you to others.

    E. Howard Kansas City, Mo

    Your transactions are secure at eInvite and their philosophy is to help customers get the perfect product for them. They also promise if their is an error in your order they will fix and reprint immediately at no charge. They pride themselves on being a quality operation. eInvite has quite an anniversary range of invitations, be sure to check them out.

    25th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas: Invitations by Cardstore

    Testimonial for Cardstore

    I received my cards in the mail... they are great! I cannot believe how quickly you all printed and shipped my order! I have already recommended you to my sister and will recommend you to others. Thanks for great customer service in a wacky world!

    Melynee Finch

    Cardstore creates anniversary invitations as well as cards. They have a really big range, but there website is a little hard to get around! Even though it doesn't look like it at first glace they do sell personalized anniversary invitations. Check it out and decide for yourself!!

    25th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas: Invites by Invitation Consultants

    Testimonial from Invitations Consultants

    My wife and I want to thank you so very much for the fantastic job you did on our 50th anniversary invitations and place cards. Everything was done exactly as we wanted and we would recommend you to anyone looking for first class workmanship at an affordable price. Also your delivery was as you had told us. Thank you again.

    Harry B
    Philadelphia, PA

    Invitations Consultants. have a big selection of 25th wedding anniversary party invitations, including personalized invitation services. You can even get them to make photo wedding anniversary invitations using your own photo. They also do free eprooffing - meaning 3 consultants do a quality check before invites are sent to you. Ships to 50 US States, Puerto Rico and Canada. They offer free ground shipping on some orders.

    Hope you enjoyed these 25th wedding anniversary party ideas!

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