Inspiring 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your 2nd wedding anniversary -
this means that you have been married for twice as long as last years anniversary.
How does it feel?

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2nd Anniversary Symbols

Traditional: Cotton/Straw
Modern: China
Flower: Cosmos
Gemstone: Garnet

Conventionally your second wedding anniversary is celebrated together by just the couple.
There are many ways to celebrate!

Second Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Traditional : cotton/straw

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  • Cotton sports hat or cap
  • Cotton handkerchiefs, bandanna or scarf
  • Pawleys Island large cotton rope hammock
  • Cotton gloves
  • Cotton shirts and other top items
  • Dial up the romance in your bedroom with new cotton bedding
  • Cotton bags and accessories
  • Cotton apron for the BBQ

  • Straw boxes from Indonesia
  • Weekend in the Countryside

    Tips: If you are buying clothing for your spouse, it would be a good idea to find out the size before purchasing anything.

    (click for Boston Red Sox MLB Cap and other sports caps online )

  • Anniversary Flower: Cosmos

    A bunch of Cosmos will always be welcome. Flowers are nice at any time - but especially for a special occasion like your wedding anniversary!

    These days, life is made easy! You don't even have to leave the house to order flowers. International fresh flower delivery by local florists right to your front doorstep. What could be easier, tick - 2nd wedding anniversary flowers sent!

    Modern: China

  • New cups and plates

  • China holiday

  • Local Chinese eatery

  • Chinese tea

  • Chinese painting

  • Painting by Chinese artist

  • Chinese fan

  • China gift set - teapot etc
  • Second Wedding Anniversary
    Gift of Jewelry...

    You may wish to buy anniversary jewelry for your second anniversary. The anniversary gemstone is garnet. A nice piece of jewelry featuring garnet would be a fitting gift. Look for garnet jewelry online.

    Some ideas:

  • Garnet ring

  • Bracelet with garnet

  • Garnet earrings

  • Garnet pendant

  • Garnet cuff links

  • Pins and Brooches

  • Watch


    Tips for Buying Jewelry Online:

  • Always note the dimensions of the jewelry
    (it may look larger than it is)

  • Buy only from a reputable online store

  • Check whether jewelry item is solid or just plated

  • Consider different gold colors
    (rose, yellow, white)

  • When buying gold note the caret size
    (9ct, 18ct, 24ct)
  • If you are still wondering what to get your wife check out our anniversary gifts for her page. And for your husband we have the anniversary gifts for him page.

    Second Wedding Anniversary
    Celebration Ideas

    You could snuggle up on your new cotton hammock and watch a movie together...
    Enjoy a bottle of red and some gourmet chocolates try the season's of love from hotel chocolat...

    Or have a romantic weekend away amongst the straw in the countryside...
    Roll around on some straw hay bales...

    Or explore China's sights...
    Just make sure you get a photo on the Great Wall of China...

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