Terrific 30 Year Anniversary Gifts for Men

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It's that time of year again; your anniversary and this year should be something special because it's number thirty! It's tricky to buy 30 year anniversary gifts that he really wants, but here are a few gift ideas: The traditional anniversary gifts for thirty years are pearls. I know most husbands don't bother buying jewelry for themselves. Why not splurge on pearl anniversary jewelry like pearl cufflinks or a pearl incrusted watch?

If you don't think pearls are right for your fellow, diamonds are the modern thirtieth anniversary gift, and he'll be pleased and proud to wear a discrete diamond watch from you, specially engraved for the occasion. After thirty years, wouldn't a second honeymoon be wonderful? Take this time to get away, just the two of you. Would he prefer a cruise down the Amazon or a golf tour through Scotland?

If you want to provide a traditional anniversary gift, take a trip to Australia or Hawaii or the South Seas where pearls are harvested. Either way, be sure to select a destination that both of you would enjoy and take the time for yourselves. Don't the two of you deserve another honeymoon?

Is your man a car fanatic? Your thirty year anniversary is the ideal time to purchase that luxury car he has always wanted. Now that your children are grown, you can finally give him his dream car be it a Porsche, Lexus, or Land Rover. Shop around for the perfect car in his favorite color and give him the gift of a lifetime.

Another great anniversary gift for him is fine wine. You can celebrate your day with a special toast of either fine wine or champagne in lovely, delicate crystal. You can purchase special bottles that are individually etched with your wedding information or you can arrange for wine that was bottled the same year of your wedding to be delivered to your home.

If you want to go with the traditional anniversary gift, have your wine in flutes with pearls in the stem. If your man is a romantic, arrange a full moon (symbolizing pearls) picnic. Plan your meal to include his favorites, especially dessert, but be sure to include oysters. Take along a CD or an MP3 player with songs from your wedding and courtship so that you can dance together. The great thing about this gift idea is that you can have your picnic in your own backyard or any sentimental place of your choosing.

Traditionally, flowers are given to women, but men can enjoy a bouquet as well. Lily's and Sweet Pea's are traditional anniversary gifts for thirty years. Symbolizing devotion, pride, and beauty these anniversary flowers are anything but feminine. Give him flowers for a change, after all, he's been giving you flowers for thirty years.

Anniversary getaways can be simple. If the two of you don't want to go out, have a nice dinner delivered, settle in with a fire or romantic candles to watch your wedding videos or go through your wedding album together. You will be amazed at how much the two of you have changed and the many, many ways you are still the same loving couple.

30 year anniversary gifts don't have to be hard. Each wedding anniversary has an anniversary gemstone, modern symbol and a traditional anniversary gift list. Don't feel you have to buy something with either diamonds or pearls if you don't think it's appropriate for your husband. You can create a special, romantic evening for him as a gift and he will love it.

Did you like 30 year anniversary gifts for men? Do you want to join in? Share your stories and ideas for wedding anniversaries.

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