30th Wedding Anniversary Party Planning

30th wedding anniversary party planning. Share your anniversary party ideas or stories with us.

While party planning can be stressful, throwing an anniversary party for your loved ones is a great way to show you care. The 25th anniversary milestone tends to overshadow many of the others, however a 30th wedding anniversary party can still be a great excuse to get together with friends and family.

One of the first tasks for the event will be to pick out the general theme of your party. While most stores carry specific supplies for the two major anniversary milestones (25th and 50th), many do not carry 30th anniversary party supplies. It is likely that the happy couple had a larger, more elaborate party for their 25th anniversary, so for this particular milestone a more casual themed party can be a great way to celebrate. You can find over 36,000 low-priced party supplies to get you started atShindigZ.

The 30 year wedding anniversary also known as the "pearl" anniversary. Having a beach themed event can be a fun twist. With a beach theme, the decoration ideas are endless. For instance, you could create a "tiki" event featuring tiki torches for lighting, grass skirts around the buffet tables, and miniature umbrellas in the drinks. Another similar idea is a "traditional" luau. With this idea, you could decorate with tropical flowers and leis, fun colored lanterns, and palm trees.

Additionally, a beach boardwalk can feature sea shell centerpieces, boardwalk food stands, and various performers. It is recommended to narrow your ideas and theme to create a simplistic and elegant idea, rather than to have your theme get lost in the chaos. With decorations complete, the next main task will be the menu. Depending on the budget, hiring a catering company is generally the easiest and most expensive option. A tiki or luau themed event could have a Polynesian menu.

This could create a fun "reception-style" event with appetizers, rather than a full menu, as pupu platters and exotic cocktails tend to be prevalent in this type of menu. Seafood, coconuts and pineapples are three ingredients that should be present in the menu. Otherwise, a traditional pig roast can be an additional unique idea for the menu.

If the beach boardwalk is selected, you could either create different food stations at each "boardwalk food stands" with fun signs that highlight the menu. However, this theme should have a more simplistic food, such as hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, and fries.

Entertainment ideas for a 30th wedding anniversary party are various. For the tiki or luau themed events, a hula hoop or limbo contest can be a fun way to draw your guests to interact with each other, as these are great activities for people of all ages.

The boardwalk themed event could feature carnival games like the bean bag toss, can knock down, or a dunk tank. (More anniversary party games) Besides the menu, music is an important factor to any event, whether you plug in an i-pod with beach-themed playlists (like the Beach Boys) or hire a steel drum or calypso band to create the vibe.

The final step to the 30th wedding anniversary party will be creating the invitations. The invitation is your way to share the theme with your guests. For the tiki and luau themed events, it may be a fun idea to encourage your guests to wear island-themed clothing. Otherwise, there are many unique invitation ideas to create for your guests. For instance, to draw your guests into the island mood, you could send out postcards with an island picture, possibly even from the happy couple's honeymoon. Otherwise, you can cut out the anniversary invitation in the shape of a palm tree or sea shell.

Don't forget the 30th wedding anniversary gifts!! Good luck!

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