Traditional 3rd Anniversary Gifts

Here are some fun ideas for 3rd anniversary gifts that are leather (the traditional anniversary gift). We have more pages about the 3rd wedding anniversary - you will find the links at the bottom of the page!

Have fun browsing! Remember if you see something you really like the idea of, you can always "accidently leaving the page open", with the curser on your gift idea of choice!

Leather gloves make for great 3rd anniversary gifts for men or a women. This is particularly true if you live in a colder climate! You can get leather gloves in nearly every color under the rainbow (at least in Italy!), and many many different styles. If you do live in a cold wintery climate with snow make sure you get lined gloves, and maybe even a longer pair to stop that wrist chill factor!

A nice well cut, leather jacket. A classic one that will stay in style for a while is the way to go. When choosing to get a leather jacket as part of your 3rd anniversary gifts, you may have to fess up that this is part of your gift. As a good fit makes all the difference!

A classy leather bag really does make a difference. Show your other half (especially if that other half is a woman!) that you do care what bag she takes around with her everywhere. Warning - make sure it is her style, a woman's handbag is a staple part of her wardrobe! And as this is your 3rd year of marriage - you should have a good idea of what she likes.

A great 3rd anniversary gift for men or women, a leather laptop bag is a great classy and practical gift (I bet you don't hear those two words put together that often!) Just make sure the laptop you are wanting to put in the bag fits!

Leather purses make fantastic 3rd anniversary gifts. You can get funky leather ones with clasps. Or one that has lots and lots of spots for cards.

Leather passport holder, who of you has ever lost passports, boarding passes, travel insurance information or other important travel papers? (don't worry you can answer anonymously!) A passport holder as a gift could make all the difference to that next trip you take (less stress more fun!). Personally we never travel without ours, it hold all the needed documents, and it's not as easy to lose as a passport out on its own.

If purses are great 3rd anniversary gifts for women, wallets are a great idea for men. Update your mans wallet with a new stylish leather one. Maybe take a sneak peek in his wallet to know how much room he needs for all his cards, extras and cash!

Leather belts, if you go this route get a belt with something extra. Not just another boring plain old belt. Because this is a wedding anniversary gift after all (and you don't want your other half to feel that your gift was kinda in the "underwear and socks" gift category do you?)

Leather duffel bags. A good quality leather duffel bag will last your recipient a long, long time! They are great for travel and are very durable, make sure your check the stitching for quality of workmanship!

For those golf enthusiasts - a gift of a leather golf bag would never be the wrong choice! There are some great ones out there to give your spouse the edge next time they play golf, because with a leather bag how can they play badly? (completely unproven/unfounded! just a bit of fun)

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