5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Men

What makes a great 5 year wedding anniversary present for a man?

In a survey of The Wedding Anniversary Site readers we learned some of the favorite 5 year wedding anniversary gifts for men.

"I think a good gift to give a man for a 5th anniversary would be a gift certificate for some type of event. Material gifts pile up and you only need so many ties. I think a man would like a certificate to go to the movies, golfing, bowling, or a favorite restaurant. Most people go out for their anniversary anyway, so I think a man would appreciate a gift certificate to use at a later date. He can choose to go with friends or with his spouse. I think it's a good idea because in my experience men don't care much for trinkets or clothing and the items they like are rather cost prohibitive." - Pam/unemployed  

"A great gift would be a complete shaving kit. This includes razors, brushes, creams. The entire package for washing, lathering and getting a close shave. Men enjoy pampering themsevles when they shave and will enjoy the extra time they can spend doing so."

"A traditional gift to give a man on the 5th wedding anniversary is wood. You could give a wooden clock. The more modern gift is silverware. What man wouldn't like to receive a great knife set."

"A date out to the place you met or went on your first date on so you can look back at where it all started and compare it to how good you are off now."

"Golf clubs. I think it shows you support his hobby and you love and trust him enough to leave you every Sunday to play." - Lisa/Homemaker

"I have no clue what the "traditional" 5th year gift would be, but me personally, I would probably take my husband on a trip of some type. But it really depends on you and your spouse's personality and likes/dislikes. My husband would love to just up and take a trip instead of giving him a material type gift." - Jennifer, Mommy/Wife :)  

"Golf lessons with a pro. Even thought drivers are no longer made with wood, they can be considered the woods and wood is the material of choice for the fifth anniversary gift. " 

"IT all depends on what the man is into for me id say get them somthing to remember this anniversary. Perhaps a nice two or three day trip to somewhere the love. This makes it relaxing and memoralbe for both and he will never forget how much you thought to do this for him." - TK/ Automotive Customizer  

"Since the 5 year wedding anniversary gift is wood, that leaves many options open to you. For a sportsman, perhaps a wooden bat, golf club, hunting arrows, etc. For a pipe smoker, a new pipe or wooden pipe rack. For an avid reader, perhaps a magazine rack made from wood. There's also furniture to consider. The 5th anniversary is one of the easiest, in my opinion." - Kassandra

"A session with both of you with a professional photographer at a nice location. Nothing will compare to a beautiful photo that you can frame and hang in your home."

"I got my husband a set of golf clubs for our 5th anniversary. I think that they are a good gift because even if he is not an all the time golfer most men like to go to the driving range with friends."


"My Husband is a retired professional fighter. He retired partly because he was in his early 30's but mainly because I asked him to when we got married. I was hesitant but he knew how I felt about him getting in to the ring, so he did it for me. He still love the sport and everything about it. So on our anniversary I surprised him with first class tickets to Vegas and ringside seat to his idol Floyd Mayweather's fight. I was a night he will never forget. I'm still paying for it, but its all worth it to see the smile on his face that night."


"Since my husband and I share the money that we make, it seems senseless to buy each other gifts. That is why I made a collage picture frame of the past five years for him to look at while working."


"A good gift for a husband for your 5th anniversary would be season tickets to see his favorite team."

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