50 Wedding Anniversary Party Decorations
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When my grandparents celebrated their 50th Anniversary, the family went all out. Months of planning and preparation went into this 50 wedding anniversary party, wanting everything to be just right.

We wanted to create a scrapbook for them to keep and remember the day (and their life), so several weeks beforehand we sent out a specific assignment to each of their children, their siblings, and their close friends. We instructed them to create a 50 wedding anniversary party scrapbook page for each member of their family to include in our album. We used standard 8.5 x 11 paper to keep it easier, and asked for photos, favorite scriptures, favorite memories with my grandparents, and if they wanted to embellish their scrapbook pages with stickers or decals or some of that other great stuff at scrapbook stores to "please do so!".

This scrapbook was on display as part of the decorations after it was presented to my grandparents. There was a lot of laughing and even some tears as people stopped to look through the scrapbook. (Editors note: what a great idea for 50th anniversary parties!)

We decorated with an assortment of family photos, set out on each table, as well as fresh flowers. We framed the photos in similar frames (silver toned) and clustered them at the tables.

50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes

We also had a large wedding photo of my grandparents 50 years past on display. They had a wedding anniversary cake, and more fresh flowers graced the entry hall. We had the children make "Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa" cards as part of an art project, and displayed them on one of the tables. My grandma's sister made some bride and groom dolls (but in all honesty, they weren't very attractive, and we were all wishing we could ditch them under a table).

The lunch menu was kept simple with finger sandwiches, finger foods and a big sheet cake. We rented a nice clubhouse for the event, and asked to keep it all day so we could have plenty of time to linger and visit. (Editors note: maybe you can use these 50th anniversary party ideas - lunch time event and finger food)

Anniversary Parties also call for a program of some sort- and since there seems to be a lot of talent in our family, as well as a lot of children that think they have talent, we created a program to give each one a chance to honor their grandparents. My mother wrote out the story of their courtship and wedding and early marriage, since it was quite humorous and a lot of fun to share. My grandma blushed as she read it. My grandpa had a very proud of himself grin.

A lot of families chose to sing songs, including, "Grandpa, Tell Me About the Good Old Days" that old favorite of the Judds, "Back Home Again" by John Denver "You Needed Me, by Anne Murray, and "My Cup Runneth Over with Love" from an old musical. I can still see my grandpa holding my grandma's hand and patting along to the music as they smiled and listened. All in all my grandparents 50 Wedding Anniversary Party was a huge success and still a great memory to look back on after all these years.

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