Formal 50th Wedding Anniversary Parties

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Your 50th wedding anniversary party should be a wonderful celebration, full of family and friends. It is, after all, the golden anniversary. So, where do you start? With party planning, of course! You can't have a successful party without a good plan.

Now planning an anniversary party can be a daunting task so gather a few good friends to help you, or if you can afford it, a party planner. The first step is to make yourself a list of all the things you will need.

50th Wedding Anniversary Parties - Plan List

Here is a good basic list for 50th wedding anniversary parties:

1. Guest List - Who should you invite? Everyone of course! Just kidding. But you can invite whoever you want. It is your party after all.

2. Venue - Where will you have your party? Have a few different places in mind as well as a few different dates. Get price quotes from each one for each date before deciding on one. If you choose to have your party at home you should keep it small and intimate.

3. Menu - What food should you serve? Get catering quotes for appetizers, buffet and open bar. Try to make sure to include several different food options because you may have guests with food allergies or special diets. You may want to base the menu around the meal you shared at your wedding.

4. Invitations - Formal anniversary invitations are always a great idea, especially if your party will be formal dress. The invitations should match the decorations for the party. Which brings us to-

5. Colors/themes - What colors should your decorations be? Choose carefully. Some colors look great together in small doses but when you decorate a whole room with them they can be overwhelming. Classics are always appreciated. Brown and Cream, Black and White. Or, if you want to keep the Golden Anniversary theme, Black Cream and Gold. There are some very understated but classy ways to incorporate gold into the decorations. Gold accented china, gold napkin rings, gold silverware, gold votive candle holders. Just not all together.

6. Music - What is a party without music? Boring! Choose music that is relevant to the anniversary couple. Perhaps choose songs from the decade you were married. Your wedding song is always a beautiful song to dance to, even when it's a terrible song. If your musical tastes aren't suited to one specific theme then by all means make a play list for your deejay or band.

7. Toasts - Do you toast each other? Who toasts the two of you? Will you arrange the toasts in a specific order or have a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants attitude?

8. The Cake - Do you still have your cake topper from your wedding? If you do, you are lucky! Perhaps you can recreate your original wedding cake. Or try updating your wedding cake - make cupcakes!

9. Anniversary party favors - Something for your guests to remember not only your anniversary party but you, the happy couple. Small gold-toned picture frames of the two of you will carry the golden anniversary theme all the way to the end. Other great favor ideas are gourmet chocolate bar with a wrapper to commemorate the occasion or small bottles of champagne with your names, wedding and anniversary date on the label.

10. Party attire - You know what this means. Shopping! Remember your wedding dress? Remember that feeling it gave you? The I'm-so-beautiful-this-is-my-day-I'm-so-lucky feeling? Well go ahead and find yourself a dress that makes you feel like that again. It is your party after all!

Well, there you go. Your guide to planning a 50th anniversary party. Good Luck and Congratulations on fifty wonderful years!

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