50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

We have all sorts of 50th wedding anniversary party ideas and tips because planning a golden anniversary party goes beyond the usual streamers, cake and punch.

We have loads of 50th wedding anniversary party ideas for entertainment, gift ideas, decoration ideas, golden anniversary personal decorating ideas, 50 wedding anniversary party favors or tips for buying invitations online.

When a couple reach this anniversary. They have spent many years together. Having a 50th wedding anniversary party to celebrate is almost a right at this stage in marriage!

Over the years this couple have influenced so many others. Their children, neighbors friends and grandchildren will all have learnt some valuable lessons from the anniversary couple. So there are so much choice over who to invite.

A golden anniversary party can be a smaller, more intimate gathering with close friends and family only. Or a much larger party, in a lot of ways similar to a wedding reception. As gold is the symbol for this anniversary, this is usually the theme used for a 50th anniversary party.

To have a successful 50th wedding anniversary party you need to prepare and plan. Remember to delegate tasks to other family members to take a bit of the pressure off. Most will be excited to help out and be a part of this special day.

50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas: Decorations

There are many 50th wedding anniversary party ideas for decorations. Share your 50th anniversary party experience or decoration ideas via the party ideas form.

We would love to hear for you!

  • Use gold rimmed plates.

  • For the tables have gold centerpieces.

  • Have the serving glasses with a gold trim

  • Display a 50th wedding anniversary banner.

  • Small dishes with candy or chocolates wrapped in gold tin foil (such as Hershey's kisses)

  • Golden helium balloons attached to each table as centerpieces.

  • Display photos in gold frames.

  • Tie party favors with gold ribbon.

  • Be sparing on the decorations sometimes less is more!

    50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas for Entertainment

  • Organize a family slideshow and movie to be done before the party. Include lots of photos of the anniversary couple, with music in the background. Ask family and friends to lend their photos to help you put this together.

  • A special memory book from the children in the family. Before the party get all the children to share their favorite memory of their grandparents. Give them a page each. The book can be put on display for guests to read. Maybe even one or two pages could be read out when you have speeches.

  • Make a collage of photos for display. Again asking friends and family for their photos will help make this a success. Maybe do it like a story board starting with the couple as small children through to now.

  • For a family with talented musicians and singers, a few songs could be put on for the anniversary couple. Make sure to record this on a video camera!

  • For those not able to attend record their wishes in advance, turn into a movie with a photo of them along with their message playing. Include those able to attend as this will make a great keepsake for the anniversary couple. Either have a special screening of it at the party or have it on in the background.

  • Put together a "did you know" list of facts and interesting things about the couple. Remember to include some funny ones, and to do a bit of research to find little known facts about the anniversary pair. Read this out when the speeches are done.

  • Use items from the anniversary couples wedding day. If the original wedding dress is available, you could even put it on display. You could even use the cake topper from their wedding on their anniversary cake! One of the great 0th wedding anniversary party ideas.

  • Display a nice picture of the anniversary couple at their wedding beside a recent one. Remember to put it in a gold frame to show the 50 years they have been married.

  • Have a 50th wedding anniversary guestbook for people to sign. Put it somewhere that people will see it. The MC could even make an announcement that for those who wish to make a comment there is a guest book available.

  • Have a band or a Dj for musical entertainment. If you decide to have dancing, consider including one or two songs played at the wedding 50 years ago! Not all people like dancing, check with the anniversary couple first.

  • Have a video camera to record any speeches or anecdotes of the gathering. Using a tripod is a good idea as it keeps the camera steady and means that one person doesn't miss out because they are too busy holding the camera.

  • Speeches are almost expected at such an event as your 50th wedding anniversary party.

    50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas: Invitation Tips

    Invitations are an important part of your anniversary party. Choose the right ones that go along with your party theme. Buying invitations online is a great idea - as you don't have to deal with pushy salespeople and you can nearly always get a better deal than offline. Some things to consider when buying from an online invitation shop:

  • Do they quality control(eproof) their work
  • Do they offer competitive rates?
  • Do they offer free shipping?
  • Check invitation thickness and paper quality

    We found one company who fits the bill, click to visit this reputable online invitation store. They have a big selection of 50th wedding anniversary party invitations, including personalized invitation services. You can even get them to make photo wedding anniversary invitations using your photo. They also do free eprooffing - meaning 3 consultants do a quality check before invites are sent to you. Ships to 50 US States, Puerto Rico and Canada. They offer free ground shipping on some orders.

    If you are wondering how far in advance you should get your invitations and when to send them visit our wedding anniversary invitation timeline for more details.

    A 50th anniversary party wouldn't be complete without gifts! Click here for 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas. Choosing the right gift is important.

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