Fabulous 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Made of Wood

Here are some great 5th wedding anniversary gifts made of wood. Why wood? Wood is the traditional fifth wedding anniversary symbol. We have more pages about the 5th wedding anniversary - you will find the links at the end of this page.

Enjoy having a look around. If you see something you like the look of, you can hint to your spouse to check this site out!

Wooden music box makes a fantastic 5 year anniversary gift for a woman, If you search around you can find some really excellent quality ones. Look for a wooden music box that has been carefully crafted with attention to detail - a cheap one just doesn't have the same impact.

A little bit of a spin on the wood theme, what about a little tree. The gift that keeps on growing! Depending on where you live you could get your spouse a potted fruit tree. Have a chat to your local garden center - they should be able to tell you what types grow in your area and produce fruit.

Handcrafted wooden box. Similar to a wooden music box - but can be suitable for either a husband or a wife. Again make sure you look for a quality craftsman.

You could get a wooden clock. We have a gorgeous wooden clock given to us when we got married. Wood never goes out of style.

A classic wooden photo frame. Remember to enclose a photograph which has special memories in it! You can get the kind that hangs on the wall or stands on a desk top.

Sometimes you can find really marvelous wooden photo albums. If this is a 5th wedding anniversary present for your spouse you could fill it with pictures from when you first met right up to the present day.

Wooden jewelry box. Another one of the 5th wedding anniversary gifts that is suitable for the ladies! Find one that is well made and has enough room for your wife to fit all her bits and pieces.

A tasteful wooden sculpture for your spouses office makes a great 5 year anniversary gift. Make sure that it isn't too big though!

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