6th Wedding Anniversary Gifts:
Wooden Anniversary Gifts

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Here are some ideas for 6th wedding anniversary gifts made of wood.

Wood is the modern gift idea for the six year anniversary. There are so many fun things made from wood, making this such an easy and remarkable gift to get. I get excited thinking of all the possibilities.

You could purchase a beautiful wooden salad bowl or serving dish. Actually, this is a bit retro. Back "in the day", wooden dishes and bowls were very popular. A nice wooden cheese board would also be a perfect anniversary gift idea. What couple would not enjoy a beautiful frame to celebrate their six years together.

After all, six years of marital bliss is quite an accomplishment. The list for gifts made from wood goes on and on. You could select wooden candle holders, napkin and towel holders, picnic baskets, television trays, wooden clocks, and many other kinds of home furnishings.

If on a budget, you can make something using paper, a product of wood. A special message to your spouse rolled up in a bottle is very romantic and economical. You could put on the movie "Message in a Bottle" and further enhance your romantic evening. A special anniversary card would also be easy on the budget.

When discussing wedding anniversary gifts you also have to consider, not only what others buy the couple, but what they get for each other.

The lady might want to consider a wooden desk set or valet for her honey. If he is a cigar smoker, a solid wood humidor would just be ideal. She would love to receive a nice piece of wooden jewelry or go the extra mile and get her a solid wooden jewelry box.

Women like sentimental gifts and this would make her extremely happy with her man. Ladies are very proud of their new last name or initial and like to show it off by having all of their gifts monogrammed. It makes the gift more meaningful to personalize it and she would love the extra thought that the husband has put into it. Most gifts can be monogrammed or engraved today.

A picture frame is also a good choice for either spouse. You can add the special touch by choosing a photo from your six years of memories together. Recalling these memories together adds a little ambience to the romantic anniversary evening.

A beautiful wooden wine box or wine rack would be especially appropriate for the occasion. Be sure and bring the wine to complete the evening for your beloved.

The sixth anniversary is such an easy shopping task. You can purchase wood products anywhere from a drug store to a huge department store. Whatever you do decide to go with, make sure that it is touching and the night will be one you will always remember.

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