9th Anniversary Gift Help

by Dave

Hi every year I try to no success. I get my wife gifts and it just does not bring out any excitement in her. I do not know what to do for my wife. All your questions you have on your other page is an answer of no. My wife works and sleeps. On her days off she just wants to stay home. What would you suggest for a 9th anniversary gift? Our anniversary in on February 14th.

I have no idea what to get for her. Please help!


Hi Dave,

Congratulations on your 9th anniversary!

It sounds like your wife works very hard. I have a few different suggestions for you.

1. Have a Treasure Hunt.

Write your wife little romantic messages with things to do on them. This is something that my husband did for me one anniversary year, it was really fun and the whole day was exciting. When she wakes up on your anniversary morning make her a yummy breakfast in bed, give her an envelope with your first set of instructions. The key to doing this successfully is lots of notes and lots of treats(they only need to be little)

Small Example of possible treasure hunt notes:

1. Go to the kitchen and look in the bottom shelf. (where you have hidden the next note, with a fancy chocolate or a flower)

2. These are your instructions for the day, times are important.

9:00 Go for a walk and when you get back at 9:30 look in the letterbox.

3. 9:30 Run a bath and grab a good book ... look in the bottom cupboard (with a bottle of wine, bath salts, gourmet chocolates...)

11:00 Get dressed and be ready to go out. (pick her up and take her to get a massage, out to lunch, a treat)

2. A pampering at a local spa.

As your wife sounds like a busy woman, a day or afternoon spent being pampered will be appreciated. Even if this is something she has not done before it is a great destresser. But as you know her best - she may not be comfortable with a stranger giving her a massage.

3. Take her on a romantic anniversary getaway.

You mentioned she does not like to go out even on her days off, but maybe suggest having a short getaway. You do not need to go far away, but somewhere peaceful (to help her relax from her hectic schedule). Ask her what she would like to do for the weekend. Does she want an active time - lots of walks etc? Or a quiet do nothing and enjoy doing nothing weekend? By listening to her needs and wants you can give her the best time.

Here are some specific suggestions for finding a 9th anniversary gift.

9th Wedding Anniversary Symbols:
Traditional: Pottery/Willow
Modern: Leather
Flower: Poppy
Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli/Amethyst /Green Spinel

Thank you for your question Dave. Wishing you and your wife a happy 9th wedding anniversary.

All the best,


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