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Hello! My name is Michelle, and I am one of the people behind this website. I do not work alone, my wonderful husband offers valuable backup! In the answer your anniversary questions section you may see him now and again when he answers your questions.

I am a New Zealander and Hubby is an Australian. In June 2010 we left our hometown of Queenstown, NZ and sold most of our belongings have become part of the "long-term travel crowd" and have no fixed location that we call home. If you are interested I have written an article about how The Wedding Anniversary Site allows us to work wirelessly, and live anywhere.

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Why Wedding Anniversaries?

The year I started The Wedding Anniversary Site my husband and I had just celebrated our 1st anniversary. We were both keenly looking forward to all the years we will have together, already planning big things for future wedding anniversaries and starting our own traditions.

Incidentally the year we were married 2006, my parents celebrated their 25th anniversary and my grandparents would have been celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately my Papa (grandfather) had passed away by that stage.

Growing up, the wedding anniversary celebration of my parents was something we all looked forward to as a family. I have to confess for some time I didn't grasp that the wedding anniversary celebration was about my parents - not us kids! Every year my talented mother would make an anniversary cake, decorated suitably. I always loved the little silver balls!

Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary...

Now that I am all grown up - with a husband of my own, I still really love wedding anniversary celebrations. So far we have always managed to get away for our wedding anniversary.

For our first anniversary we stayed at a place called Kinloch not far from Paradise (yes Paradise is a real place - near Queenstown, NZ). We had a little campfire on the beach by the lake, drunk yummy red wine and enjoyed the star filled sky.

For our second anniversary we stayed in a place called Akaroa (was a French settlement), all the streets had French names, and we went to a fantastic authentic French restaurant. Hubby even had snails!

We were so inspired by Akaroa's "frenchness" that for our 3rd anniversary we had a 2 month trip to Europe. We got to feast on some French food...in France! As this was my first ever trip to Europe - this year was definitely a memorable wedding anniversary celebration!

For our 4th wedding anniversary we visited Raratonga (the Cook Islands in the south pacific) to have a holiday on the beach and learn to dive. Diving was one of the most amazing things I have ever done and can fully recommend giving it a go. Raro was determined to rain every day we were there (10 days straight) but we still had a fantastic time.

So who knows what our 5th wedding anniversary holds for us?

The Wedding Anniversary Site Also Pays My Bills

Well not all on its own.

Hubby and I own several content based websites like The Wedding Anniversary Site. What makes these content websites special? They allow us to work wirelessly and live anywhere.

A lot of people ask me how do we build an income online, when we don't actually sell anything. It is actually quite simple - I put together this article showing how our niche websites make money.

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