Anniversary Gifts for Her

Happy Anniversary! Choosing anniversary gifts for her can be a tricky one, but it doesn't have to be a chore. We have all sorts of ideas to help you choose the perfect anniversary gift for your wife. Jump to anniversary gifts for her quiz, the top 10 gift ideas for women or gifts for your wife made easy.

Things to Consider:

  • What colors does she like?
  • What is her personality type?
  • What are her wedding anniversary expectations?
  • What are her interests?

    Do the short Gifts for Her Quiz:

    1. Is she a Romantic? (loves Weddings and fav flick is Notebook)
    Yes - check out Romantic Gifts for Her
    No next question

    2. Does She Have a Home Hobby (sewing, knitting, cooking etc)
    Yes - for craft lovers - craft supplies are always welcome
    No next question

    3. Is She into Sport? (snowboarding, golf etc)
    Yes - new snowboard boots, golf clubs or golf glove
    No next question

    4. Is Music her thing?
    Yes - concert tickets will go down a treat
    No next question

    5. Does She love exploring new places?
    Yes - easy one Guys - a weekend away somewhere new to you both
    No next question

    6. Is she a bit sentimental
    Yes - a custom photo book from Lulu would be a great way to showcase your memories together
    No next question

    7. Bit of a Joker - loves a good laugh?
    Yes - there are many great slogan mugs, jokey cards or silly blow ups to choose from
    No Ask Us

    Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife Made Easy

    Whatever you choose, no matter how big or small - it is important that you choose from the heart. And this means thinking beyond what your interests and into hers. If you feel that you are not good at that - there are plenty of romantic wedding anniversary tips around on this site.

  • Think outside the square...what about wedding anniversary gifts for her that are not gifts in the usual sense at all? Try to really reach inside for a gift from the heart.

  • Think about your wife. What are her interests? What does she talk about? Plenty of gift ideas right there!

  • Anniversary jewelry is always well received, no matter how many years you have been married! In addition to your main anniversary present, flowers and chocolate are always nice!

    Top 10 Anniversary Gifts for Her

    1. Digital Photo Viewer Key-ring A great social gift, and this way she can have snaps of you wherever she goes!

    2. Pampering Gift Basket A gift basket full of all things pampering will delight your wife, and give her some time to relax in a hot bubble bath...

    Room Service Hamper

    3. Gourmet Chocolates What woman doesn't just love good chocolates? Season of Love Handy 4x4 from hotel chocolat is a fantastic romantic choice! And as a bonus they have a UK and US online store.

    4. Cover for MP3/MP4 Player Add a bit of personality to her favorite music player...

    5. A Gift of Experience Gift vouchers for a dawn hot-air-balloon ride...

    6. Personal Massager Comes made in wood or plastic, used to massage yourself - always welcome to a hard working wife!

    7. Love Notes These can be written yourself and placed around your house for her to find, remember to leave nice treats with them...

    8. Flowers Her favorite kind, and as many as how many years...

    9. Magazine Subscription To her favorite mag, the options are endless if you can think of a subject there is a magazine on it!

    10. Anniversary Getaway Book tickets to an exotic location, and go enjoy a few days with your wife...

    Romantic Gifts for Your Wife
    What a gift that really says "I love you" ... ideas for true romantic anniversary gifts

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