Wedding Anniversary Invitations

When you are planning that special anniversary party - anniversary invitations spring to mind as one of the first things to sort out. Choosing the right invitations to go along with your anniversary party theme is important.

We have all sorts of invitation tips and ideas. Jump to wedding anniversary invitation timeline, wording ideas, tips for buying invitations online or things to include on your invitations.

Things to Include On Anniversary Invitations:

  • Names of the Couple whose Anniversary it is
  • Time and Date
  • Dress code -
    very important, people will feel awkward
    if they are over or under dressed
  • Place Held -
    if it is in a harder to find location consider
    including little maps showing how to get there

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    Wedding Anniversary Verses - Wording for Your Invitations

    Wedding Anniversary Invitation Time Line:

    As soon as the date is set:

  • Begin to look for invitations that suit the theme of your anniversary party

    4 months before:

  • Make your final invitations selection and place your order

    3 months before:

  • Begin addressing invitations
  • Set up system for keeping track of replies.

    2 months before:

  • Determine exact postage needed (take a fully assembled invitation to your local post office to be weighed to determine exact postage needed)
  • Finalize invitations for mailing and determine mailing date.

    How Far in Advance to Send out Anniversary Party Invitations:

  • It is up to you, but for a more formal anniversary party 6-8 weeks would be suitable
  • At holiday time of year ensure that your invitations are mailed at least 8 weeks in advance to give family and friends time to schedule
  • If you have guests coming from a long distance, it is advisable to send out hold-the-date cards as soon as you have a definite date
  • Make your response date 2-3 weeks before the anniversary party.

    Tips for Buying Anniversary Invitations Online

    When you buy something online there are some advantages and disadvantages. When you buy your invitations online often this means that you get a better price than offline. But how do you know who to trust?

  • Do they eproof (quality control) their invitations?
  • Do they offer competitive rates?
  • Do they offer free shipping?
  • Check invitation thickness and paper quality

    We found a company who makes the cut (you don't have to use them!), click here to visit the Invitation Consultants. (Link opens in a new window.) They have a big selection of anniversary party invitations, including personalized invitation services. You can even get them to make your photo wedding anniversary invitations. They also do free eprooffing - this means 3 consultants do a quality check before invites are sent to you. Ships to 50 US States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

    Examples of Wording for Your Invitations

    Please come in your comfortable, casual clothes
    and join us in celebrating
    (...) years of wedded bliss for John + Jane Smith.
    The only gift they ask of you is your prayers
    for their continued good health and love for the next (...) years.

    John and Jane Smith
    request the pleasure of your company
    for an evening of dinner and dancing
    in celebration of their
    (...) Wedding Anniversary


    Some Quotes that Could be used on Invitations:

  • In marriage do thou be wise;
    prefer the person before the money;
    virtue before beauty;
    the mind before the body.
    - William Penn

  • The goal of our life should not be to find joy in marriage,
    but to bring more love and truth into the world.
    - Leo Tolstoy

  • Unto us all our days are love's anniversaries,
    each one in turn hath ripen'd something of our happiness.
    - Robert Bridges

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    Wording for Your Invitations
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    Anniversary Invites

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