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Pearl 30 Year Anniversary Presents

If you've been married for 30 years, then you already know that you have found a "pearl of great price" and a true "gem"! So what would be more appropriate than to say that in a visible way by giving a gift of pearl anniversary jewelry? Pearls offfer great potential when it comes to anniversary gift ideas.

They are a most vesatile gemstone because they can be both strung like a bead and set into a setting. Small pearls can be strung and woven together into collars or bands. Most women have a string of pearls in their jewelry box, but pearl anniverary jewelry could be custom designed in exotic new ways, using different colors and sizes of pearls,creating gifts for both men and women.

As a great 30th anniversary gift for a wife, pink pearls could be mixed with white ones, or used alone, to make necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings that are much more dramatic than the plain strand or plain pearl solitaires. They could be set in a complimentary metal such as Black Hills gold or copper.

Pearls could be suspended in or from collars, hoops, or pendants. Black pearls set in gold or silver metals would make an elegant traditional anniversay gift. As a 30th wedding anniversary gift for a husband, think about a black pearl set in gold or silver for a tie tack or in a single men's earring. Pearl anniversary jewelry could be made into matched pieces for husbands and wives.

Pearls of any or all colors could be set in or woven in to matched sets of rings, wristbands, or watchbands that would make the perfect way for couples to say to each other (and to everyone else) that they have found and treasured that "perfect pearl" for thirty years.

So, if you are thinking about a traditional anniversary gift for celebrating thirty years of togetherness, but you also want to create something unique and meaningful, anniversary jewelry pearl is the perfect choice because it is both rare and beautiful, but also versatile and potentially complex - just like a 30-year-long relationship! And, if you really want to put a unique spin on your 30th wedding anniversary celebration, why not start thinking about it on your 25th?

Let me unfold a great idea. Many, many couples take or receive a trip or a cruise to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Wouldn't it be a great idea if one of the "tasks" or activities they chose to do while traveling was to check out the local pearls and start choosing what they would like to have or give each other for their 30th? After all, pearls are found all over the world in both fresh and salt water. So wherever you go for your 25th, you could find some pearls to include in the jewelry you would like to have as gifts for your 30th.

Imagine all the meaning you could infuse into that 30th wedding anniversary pearl jewelry, all the conversation you could have about it, all planning and design you could do. By the time you received or exchanged your 30th anniversary pearl jewelry gift, that gift would already have five years worth of memories, dreams, giving, life, and love already attached to it. How cool is that?

Doing the "30th anniversary jewelry pearl" thing could become a whole new tradition - one that absolutely perfectly reflects what 30 years of life together celebrates!

Did you like pearl wedding anniversary gift ideas? Do you want to join in? Share your stories and ideas for wedding anniversaries.

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