Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Anniversary party ideas to create the perfect party. An anniversary party is a special occasion, and there are many ways people choose to celebrate. For the major wedding anniversaries such as 25th, 40th and 50th a lot of people choose to have a formal party with a sit down meal. By no means this is the only way to celebrate, you are limited only by your imagination!

You may be planning an anniversary party for a specific year. Click here for more details on having a 25th wedding anniversary party, 40th wedding anniversary party or 50th wedding anniversary party. Speeches can really be daunting wedding anniversary speech section has lots of ideas and tips.

Basic Wedding Anniversary Party Timeline

Remember with parties - sometimes simpler is best. It is best to pick a theme, and one or two complimentary colors and stick to it. This means your anniversary cake, anniversary invitations and party decorations will all look like they go together.

1. First you will need wedding anniversary invitations, printed and sent out. Try Invitation Consultants, Card Store or eInvite for great personalized invitations you can buy online.

2. When you are planning an anniversary party ... you need party supplies!! Once you have established your theme party color it is time to get the decorations. Check out the biggest party shop onlines huge range with over 36,000 low-priced party supplies!

3. Order the wedding anniversary cake and make sure that you pick out suitable wedding anniversary cake toppers.

4. You will also want to have some flowers on display that the anniversary couple will be able to take home and enjoy after their big day. Order your flowers online to save you time and hassles. Flower Delivery and FloraQueen are both online florist directories with international delivery!!

5. Entertainment - make sure you have arranged any music, DJs or acts well in advance of the big day. You may also want to pay someone the videotape the festivities and celebrations.

Be sure to browse our extensive anniversary party planning section. It is chock full of anniversary party ideas, visitors party stories and ways to put together a great anniversary party on a limited budget!

Anniversary Party Ideas: Party Planning Overview

Before you begin to buy or book anything for your party, you want to have a good idea of the overall feel you would like. For example a casual BBQ 25th wedding anniversary party held in someones backyard, is going to be quite different to a formal sit down dinner held at the golf club for a 50th anniversary.

Is the party going to be formal?

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

Choose the best wedding anniversary cake for your party. Or maybe you want to make your own?
  • Where will the party be held?
  • Where can I buy great low-priced party supplies?
  • When does the venue need to be booked?
  • How many guests will be invited?
  • What entertainment is to be organized?
  • Will a professional photographer be hired?
  • Who will MC the anniversary party?
  • Flowers for flower arrangement?
  • Who is responsible for paying?
  • What is the party budget?

    Is the party going to be casual?

  • Where will it be held?
  • Will you be self catering?
  • When do I send the invitations?
  • How many people will be invited?
  • What entertainment will there be?
  • Who will take photos?
  • Is a flower arrangement necessary?
  • What is the party budget?
  • Who is responsible for paying?

    Planning for Someone Else - Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

    There are some special considerations to make when you are put in charge of planning someones anniversary party. It is a privilege to be responsible for such a task. You need to remember that it is not your party, so try not to overtake the party with all your ideas. You will need to check with the anniversary couple what their wishes and expectations are. Also find out what their anniversary party ideas are.

    Questions to Ask Anniversary Couple

  • What would you like on the day? (don't assume that you know)
  • Would you prefer a more formal or casual party?
  • Do you want dancing, or some other kinds of entertainment?
  • If they are paying, what is their party budget?

    Have a Great Party!

    Having games at your party is a
    fun way to break the ice and get your guest interacting with each other.

    Our Top 10 wedding anniversary party games is sure to provide you with a great starting point!

    Be sure to have a look into Shindigz extensive range of low-priced party supplies for excellent anniversary party decorations, balloons and other fun stuff!!

    To help you plan an anniversary party that suits the couple, you need to do a bit of background research. If you have been put in charge of the party planning, you obviously know them well. But you can always know people better!!

    Gain Insight into the Anniversary Couple

  • How did you met?
  • What was your wedding day like?
  • What were the highlights of your wedding day?
  • What about the years of marriage has made them happy?
  • Ask to see old photographs

    Armed with all this information you are better prepared to start planning the perfect anniversary party.

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