Anniversary Present for Husband: One Mans View

One Mans View: A little Controversial

Anniversary present for husband - Dave our guest writer sharing his take on this topic. We asked him his thought on good engraved anniversary gifts for him - and this is what he came up with...

When women think of getting an anniversary present for husband, their minds go straight to the presents such as an engraved onyx ring or a molded form of their own hand. These are the reasons wedding anniversaries usually turn out to be complete disasters.

I believe for the best anniversary gift ideas, get out the Sunday ad and see what it is your husband is drooling on the paper for and makes remarks about how good that certain thing would look in the living room. While I'm sure that wedding anniversaries are supposed to be filled with sentimental statues and symbols of eternal love, a 42 inch LCD television sure wouldn't hurt.

The problem I guess people have with buying year anniversary gifts for him, is that they tend to over think whatever it is they plan on getting for their spouse. The secret to ending all of the commotion and drama is to just go ahead and buy your husband that PlayStation 3 he's been gawking at for the past three months. Don't worry about seeming romantic or not putting enough thought into it.

The Public Anniversary Presents for Him Rant:

When someone publicly and vocally announces their desire for whatever it is they want on multiple occasions, there's a good chance that they'll be enthralled to receive it from their wife regardless of the occasion. Maybe the reason I think this way is because I am an average husband, but nothing would say, "Honey, I love you," more than my wife bringing home that computer I've been having a virtual affair with them on. (I am sure many other husbands would relate!)

Successful Anniversary Gifts for Husband: Gadgets

It's like a curse, but alas, men love gadgets. We love the newest computers, the biggest television sets, digital video recorders, and myriads of other technological crap that will be obsolete in three years.

Heres another take on what an anniversary present for husband should be: a good woman.

Wrapping Up...

Honestly the pressure of the yearly quest of finding that special anniversary gift for a man for is a huge stress. Here's a hint for the still doubtful wife. If your husband truly loves you, he'll be as crazy about anything you get him for an anniversary gift as he is about you. It's never about the gift. It's always about who gives it, and why they give it.

While a big, flat-screened television sure wouldn't hurt in the quest for making your husband happy, if he's honest to himself than chances are everything he truly needs is in the person who gives the gift and not the gift itself.

PS We husbands love our wives and trust me ladies, if we could afford it, every man would shower their wives in presents all day, every day but alas we don't live in a perfect world of never ending chocolate fountains in the kitchen and an exclusive channel showing "The Notebook," twenty four hours a day.

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