Wedding Anniversary Speeches

Wedding anniversary speeches are a key part of the anniversary celebrations. A well prepared and delivered speech will be remembered and appreciated. Sometimes you can find pre-written speeches, these can be used but lack the personal touch that makes a good anniversary speech.

To write and deliver a speech successfully you need to be familiar with your subject. So whether you are writing a 50th wedding anniversary speech or one for a silver anniversary - you need to know why you are giving this speech and what you hope to achieve by doing so.

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Speech Ideas for the Anniversary Husband

Traditionally the husband is the one who definitely does an anniversary speech. This should not be too long (don't want anybody nodding off). There are a few points that you will want to try to include.

  • Always say how beautiful your wife is.
  • Thank her for the last 25/50 years of marriage.
  • A few funny stories or anecdotes are appropriate, try to think of things from before you were married. Be careful not to embarrass your wife.
  • Mention what made you fall in love with your wife
  • Her good qualities
  • How she has made you a better person

    Speech Ideas for the Anniversary Wife

    Traditionally a wife does not give a speech at a wedding anniversary celebration. But this does not mean she can not. If a wife chooses to she may give a speech to recognize her husband, and to let those attending know what he has meant to her. Some points you may want to include.

  • Why you fell for your husband
  • Maybe a funny story about your first date
  • What makes your husband such a great man.
  • Mention his good qualities

    Speech Ideas for the Anniversary Couple

    It is appropriate for the host of the anniversary party to give a speech. Whether that is the anniversary couples child/ren or a friend or even their parents (for a 25th or 30th anniversary party). Your job is to say a few words about the anniversary couple, maybe let the guests know about some great achievements of the couple and other facts. Some ideas for things to include.

  • How you met the anniversary couple.
  • Were you around when they met? Funny story
  • Why you admire them as a couple.
  • Good qualities eg they are really hospitable

    Anniversary Couple is Your Parents

  • Why you admire your parents
  • Funny anecdotes about them as a couple
  • How you would love to have a happy marriage like theirs
  • Thank them for raising you

    Tips for Writing and Delivering
    a Successful Anniversary Speech

    Writing your speech needs to start with just a few ideas. Jot down anything you can think of. As soon as you know an anniversary speech will be expected of you keep your eyes and ears open for ideas. Try to come up with at least one funny anecdote.

    There are a few things that will make the delivery of your speech a lot easy and less nerve raking for you. One of them is be prepared. Plan and write your speech in advance. Make sure you practice - out loud. Even better if you do it in front of someone, but you can always do your speech to the mirror as an alternative!

    Top Tips for Wedding Anniversary Speeches

  • Use our ideas to get you started
  • Write down a rough draft
  • Practice it out loud

    The Anniversary Speech
    3 P's

  • Plan
  • Prepare
  • Practice
  • Refine, lose the extra stuff
  • Rewrite, say out loud
  • Keep practicing
  • Open with making eye contact with your audience
  • Trick - look at nose ridges, if eyes make you nervous
  • Take a deep breath

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