Anniversary Verses

Anniversary verses are an important part of wedding anniversary celebrations, so choosing the right kind is important. We have answers to some common questions about verses.

What makes a good anniversary card verse?

If giving to a couple - a good card verse will sum up that couple. So for a fun loving couple a humorous anniversary card verse might be the most suitable. Or for the romantic couple - something a bit mushy!

What is suitable for anniversary invitation verses?

These are best keep short and simple. A well written snippet about the couple can make for a great invitation verse. Or use an anniversary quote - can be found here or here.

Verses for husband or Wife?

For your husband or wife - you know them best. The same principle applies, is your husband a joker? A funny anniversary poem in his card would make him smile! But sometimes even the biggest joker around likes a bit of romance...

Verses for your Spouse:

Thank you for all the yesterdays,
I appreciate your love today,
And look forward to all the tomorrows

Happy Anniversary


We were already best friends for life,
Better when we became husband and wife!

Happy Anniversary


Happy Anniversary
... years have past,
Our love has grown stronger
who said it wouldn't last,
Since we have been
husband and wife,
Happiness has been
the main thing in my life.

Thank you and I love you

Your husband/wife .....


A friend can make you happy when you are sad...

A friend knows what you're saying when your not saying anying aloud...
A friend is someone who makes you laugh over the dumb things...
A friend is someone you can rely on...
A friend is someone who rejoices in your triumphs...

Thank you for being my friend...

Happy Anniversary


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