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My Husband LOVES cars!! Help for First Anniversary Gift... 
Help Jenny figure out a first anniversary gift for her husband. Ask and answer wedding anniversary questions on The Wedding Anniversary Site.

My …

What Would Be a Great Way to Celebrate Our 20th Wedding Anniversary? 
I would love to do something special for my husband for our 20th wedding anniversary. He is disabled (able to do most everything, but only for short periods …

Would it be wrong to celebrate a 60th wedding anniversary in May when the actual date is in December? 
Sandra asks about a 60th wedding anniversary celebration for her parents. Is it appropriate to have it 7 months early due to a family get-together earlier …

How Rare is a 71st Wedding Anniversary Celebrations? 
My parents are celebrating their 71st Wedding anniversary today. Can anyone tell me what the odds are of that rarity (in America or elsewhere)? Less than …

Whats a good home made gift for the 3rd wedding anniversary? 

Whats a good home made gift for the 3rd wedding anniversary? It doesn't have to stick with the traditional stuff. I'm not big on that. But I would like …

50th Wedding Anniversary - Congratulations from President 

Hi there. I would like to know this: Does the US President still send congratulation messages to 50th wedding anniversary celebrants? Thank you for …

9th Anniversary Gift Help 
Hi every year I try to no success. I get my wife gifts and it just does not bring out any excitement in her. I do not know what to do for my wife. All …

Gift Ideas for 11th Wedding Anniversary 

I am trying to decide on 11th anniversary gifts for my daughter and her husband. We are a very close family and celebrate everyone's anniversaries each …

3rd Year Anniversary Gifts and Celebration Ideas 
My husband and I know that the 3rd year anniversary gifts are leather, crystal and glass. We were wondering if you had any suggestions for how we could …

8th Wedding Anniversary Gift Meanings 
I have a question about the 8th Wedding Anniversary Gifts. Where do the anniversary meanings come from and do we have to follow the wedding anniversary …

21st Wedding Anniversary Gift 
We will be married 21 years on the 12th March. Is there a symbol for 21 years? I do not know what to get my hubby for our 21st wedding anniversary? Can …

20th Anniversary Gift Idea for Wife 
I am seeking assistance with buying my wife a 20th anniversary gift. She is a very special woman to me, and I really want something thoughtful to give …

2nd Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea 
I am looking for a 2nd year wedding anniversary gift for my husband. I want something that is not too expensive but still is nice. I am not fussed about …

Traditional 7th Wedding Anniversary Present 
I want to use the traditional anniversary presents but I am having trouble finding a gift for 7th years anniversary for my husband. He is interested in …

1st Wedding Anniversary Present for Wife 
I am looking for a 1st wedding anniversary present for my wife. Her hobbies are watching movies, hanging out at the beach and shopping... She also has …

What to Get For 4th Anniversary? 

My husband and I have followed the yearly anniversary gifts so far, but this year (4th) I am stuck, do you have any ideas? We live in Australia and …

Unique Pearl Anniversary Gifts 
I need some unique ideas for pearl anniversary gifts? This is for my parents wedding anniversary. I like the idea of following the traditional gifts. I …

10th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Family 
We are looking for 10th wedding anniversary ideas, suitable for a young family. We have a 3 kids under 5 (4yrs and twin 2yrs) so going away is not an option …

Gift for Our Parents 19th Wedding Anniversary 
My parents 19th wedding anniversary is on 18th of this month. My sisters and I want to do something for them. We thought a scrapbook but weren't sure if …

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