Cotton Anniversary Gifts
for the 2 Year Wedding Anniversaries

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Two years into your marriage, you've long passed the honeymoon period and now you and your mate have happily made it to the 2nd wedding anniversary. With an anniversary, gatherings and celebrations are to be expected, and along with the parties, you know you'll be getting gifts too.

That said, what do you put on your wish list for the second year wedding anniversary, also popularly known as the Cotton Anniversary? Why, cotton anniversary gifts, of course!

When one thinks of cotton, apparel and housewares immediately come to mind. For apparel, cotton panties or boy shorts from Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood might make your top ten Cotton Second Anniversary Gift wish list. It might also be a good time to upgrade your two year old wedding linens and ask for new luxury his-and-hers Egyptian cotton sheets and bathroom towel sets from Nordstrom's, Bloomingdale's or Macy's department stores.

Otherwise you can expect to receive things like cotton handbags, hats, woven shirts, matching yoga sets or workout clothes, summer dresses and so forth. Your family and friends who shop down the cotton apparels' wish list will be kept happily browsing the malls indefinitely in order to find you the right cotton gifts. From cheaper buddies, relatives and colleagues, you can always count on receiving affordable cotton accessories like socks, gloves and scarves and I'm sure you will agree that they still make a thoughtful second wedding anniversary gift - because it is the thought that counts!

Cotton 2nd wedding anniversary gifts are often a good gifting direction to go in as well so you might could suggest them to your wish list gifters as well. If you're a hobby cook or culinary enthusiast, a themed cotton apron with matching kitchen towels and pot holders, napkins, tablecloths, place mats or runners from Bed, Bath and Beyond might be just the cotton things you need to spruce up an otherwise colorless kitchen.

Pet owners might get a kick out of personalized cotton pet blankets, pet bibs or even pet costumes for a good pet gag. For the hobby writers, woven cotton covered notebooks and journals are handy gifts to record daily reminders and memories in the old fashioned way with pen and paper. If you have a lot of photos and plenty of time before the anniversary, you might could request one of your gifters to design a photo memory album online for you. They can select a Cotton padded cover to tie into the Cotton 2 Year Anniversary Gift theme and present a unique gift to you, whether you are an avid photos collector, aspiring photographer or sporadic picture taker.

All of the above suggestions would be great items to add to your cotton anniversary wish list. Lest you don't mind ending up with a mere bag of cotton balls on your hands, don't be shy about asking for what you want! Go ahead and set up your second wedding anniversary wish list in advance, then share it with everyone you might expect to get the perfect cotton-themed gifts from so that 1. the people you love know what to buy for you and 2. you know exactly what you'll be getting too! Win-win for everyone, and at the end of it all, you'll have racked another pile of wonderful cotton anniversary gifts to help you cozy up to your mate of two years with, and more importantly, you'll have achieved that crucial second notch on your marriage belt.

Happy second wedding anniversary, and enjoy your cotton anniversary gifts!

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