First Anniversary Gifts - How to Wow!

Its your first wedding anniversary - congratulations! The first anniversary gifts can be a bit hard to think of, so we have listed some ideas to help get you started. They say (whoever they are!) the first year is the hardest, so look forward to improved sailing ahead!

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    By putting a bit of thought into it, you don't have to give expensive gifts to express your love and feelings. Your love is the best gift of all. It is costless, it will be appreciated. Nothing material can replace love!

    1st Wedding Anniversary Symbols

    Traditional: Paper
    Modern: Clock
    Flower: Pansy
    Gemstone: Fresh water pearls

    Read about other visitors ideas, tips and stories here 1st Anniversary Gifts and Celebrations, you can even share yours.

    Maybe you could start off a tradition early on in you marriage to follow the materials associated with your wedding anniversary year. Enjoy the first anniversary gift suggestions.

    First Anniversary Gifts
    Ideas from Wedding Anniversary Symbols

  • Tickets to something, a sports game, concert, play or movie
  • A subscription to a favorite mag or news paper
  • Personalized stationary
  • A first edition book or comic
  • Love coupons - use your imagination!
  • Romantic novels
  • Non-Fiction book on something that interests your mate
  • Photo of somewhere romantic to you, honeymoon spot, where you met - and get it framed
  • Scrapbook - do it yourself or get it done professionally
  • Gift Vouchers (appropriate to give to a couple, not each other!)
  • Board Game - Settlers of Catan is great
  • Personalized writing instruments - engraved pen
  • Flights somewhere
  • Holiday accommodation gift
  • certificate
  • More Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas
  • Modern First Anniversary Gift: Clock

    Bariloche BL107985
  • Cheap and homemade clocks
  • Clocks posters
  • Antique clocks
  • Paintings
  • Personalized clocks
  • Wristwatch
  • Wall clocks
  • Desk clocks
  • Sports watch - for those who are outdoorsy
  • Waterproof watch
  • A nice watch

  • Vintage clocks
  • Original clocks
  • Electric clocks
  • Clocks with precious gemstones
  • Diamond decorated clocks
  • Golden clocks
  • Opening clock, one side a picture frame
  • Gifts with clocks included - calculators or organizers
  • There is a really great online store that I found that specializes in watches. Click to check out a funky men's watch at ewatches (link opens in a new window). They have so many different watches and they stock all the well known brands. Great spot to find that perfect anniversary watch!

    And there's more ideas for Clock first year anniversary gifts.

    Wedding Anniversary Flower: Pansy

    Pansy is a small delicate flower, fitting to represent 1 year of marriage. You could give a pansy themed present, or maybe even a pot plant with pansies in it.

    These days, life is made easy! You don't even have to leave the house to order flowers. International fresh flower delivery by local florists right to your front doorstep. What could be easier, tick - first wedding anniversary flowers sent!

    Gemstone: Fresh Water Pearls

    JWL 1646
  • Pearl Necklace
  • Pearl Earrings
  • Fresh water pearls are a very pretty gemstone. A great gift would be a pair of pretty pearl earrings. Pearls really are timeless elegance - maybe a gift of a beautiful freshwater pearl necklace.

    Consider buying your fresh water pearls online. This pearl necklace would make a perfect first wedding anniversary gift. Remember to take note of the actual dimensions of any jewelry purchased online, as they can sometimes look bigger.

    Super jeweler is definitely the pick for beautiful pearl jewelry - click here to visit super jeweler.

    If pearls (as classic as they are!) are a bit old fashioned for you, try some stunning silver jewelry. I liked this pair of silver earrings with amethyst and diamonds. they are from JewelBasket who have a huge range of jewelry - and offer competitive pricing too (bonus!).

    Click to visit JewelBasket and check out their range of silver jewelry!

    If you are still wondering what to get your wife check out our anniversary gifts for her page. And for your husband we have the anniversary gifts for him page.

    1st Wedding Anniversary - How to Celebrate

    The first wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated by just the couple. No matter what your circumstances are, there is no reason to overlook this day. There are many ways you could celebrate, whether you will be staying home, having a bit of a getaway or having a picnic by the lake.

    What you do for your 1st wedding anniversary could start off traditions for your following wedding anniversaries. Make sure you do something special that you will both remember.

    For our first anniversary we stayed beside the lake in Paradise (well not quite Paradise, Kinloch not far away from Paradise!). We had a camp-fire down by the lake and had a great bottle of red wine that had been given to us for our wedding. I still think of it fondly as a special memory!

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