Fantastic First Wedding Anniversary Gifts of Fun

First wedding anniversary gifts of fun, amusement and leisure...

What makes a 1st wedding anniversary celebration special? Something fun and memorable that reflects you as a couple is the best way to go. Check out these first anniversary fun things to do shared in an anonymous website survey.

Getting Into It...First Wedding Anniversary Gifts of Fun

"A picnic dinner on the beach and a sunset horseback ride on the beach."


"Drinking champagne while skydiving, definitely great experience."

"A great idea would be to go on a carriage ride on a moonlit night. You can talk about how the last year has affected you and how much they mean to you in this romantic setting."

"Since the traditional first wedding anniversary gift is "paper" a great experience gift would have something to do with paper. For this reason, a great gift would be a scrapbooking class. The couple could use pictures from their wedding and/or their first year together and create a lovely keepsake to remind them of their first year as husband and wife."


"To take my husband's car in for a new paint job and rims. He loves his car to death but I had become sick around the same time he was shopping for new rims so we really couldn't afford what he wanted. My sister had recently won a small jackpot in our state's lottery and she said she would give a little of it for his car. My sister was very happy with his choice to save money and take care of me so she wanted to help me in giving him this gift."


"A cruise vacation. A three day one is enough. Just enough time to get away and not too pricey. You can often book one out of Florida in the summer in off season very cheap. Who doesn't like Florida? It is usually well worth it as it includes room and food. This is relaxing because you do not have to clean up after meals!"


"I took her to the place where I proposed to her and gave her a diamond necklace. We then went out to dinner at her favorite diner. After dinner we went home and had a party with family and close friends. It was the greatest day. This day would go well with any couple! Hope this helps!"


"I took my wife back to the location where I proposed to her. It was on the top of a mountain in the Old Forge area. I took a picnic lunch and we sat, ate and just looked at the beautiful view. When we were done eating I pulled out a necklace that I had bought for her. It was one of thos past, present, future necklaces. I gave it to her and told her "You were my past, you are the present and my future started with you the day that I knelt in this same spot and asked you to be my wife." She cried."

"A couples weekend spa retreat!"


"Let the spouse do whatever he/she wants for the whole day. Take them to the restaurant of their choice, take them to the park, devote the whole day to grant every wish (within reason). My husband does this for me every anniversary, so that way he can never go wrong!"


"Since the gift of time is always best, I would suggest a weekend stay at a "Bed and Breakfast" getaway. Spend some quality time together and discuss the first year. A Bed and Breakfast is much more relaxing than a typical hotel stay and feels much more personal."

Be sure to explore more ideas for the first wedding anniversary gifts based on the traditional paper anniversary or the modern clock anniversary.

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