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If you need to think of a first year anniversary gifts, here are some possibilities. Clocks of any shape, size or type are the favored gift for celebrating first wedding anniversaries.

Clocks may be serious or humorous, elegant or ordinary, animated or plain-faced. First anniversary gift clocks might be run by batteries, the sun, wind-up keys or even potatoes, these last ones come from nerdy science catalogs. They might be straight forward, or puzzling. Here are a few favorite 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas.

Remember that wristwatches are clocks, and consider matching gifts that suit the couple. There are all sorts of possibilities in a variety of price ranges, but do avoid being really cheap! For the fun-loving movie buffs, cartoon or Disney lovers, choose his and hers character watches. Team wristwatches are available for most any professional sports team, as well as for many major college teams.

1st anniversary gift idea

Couples who enjoy travelling, or who must on business, should be given watches that show multiple time zones. Professionals will prefer wristwatches of more traditional designs, and outdoor enthusiasts will like sturdy models with features that suit their interests - consider the several different Swiss Army makes for both.

When buying first year anniversary gifts for couples, remember to get something that reflects their personality!

Second, think about clocks for the home that are united with other great features as 1 year anniversary gifts. There are digital photo frames that include clocks, and there are terrific mp3 player docks with clocks and radios.

Weather stations with clocks are a great choice for anniversary gifts (1st year). There are some that display outdoor conditions and predictions indoors. Many small appliances, such as microwaves and coffee makers have built in clocks.

Next, there are clocks that are designed for gardens, poolside, and other outdoor uses. Couples who enjoy their yards and gardens would appreciate a gift suited to their outdoor space. A well made and mounted sundial is a great choice that might also include a special work of art or sculpture. Look for practical outdoor clocks suitable for timing the barbecue meal, or for elegant time pieces that blend well with classic architectural features of a well-kept home.

Then there are fun first anniversary gifts - clocks that are just too amusing that may be great lighthearted gifts for this celebration. Many different country favorites are available on clock faces, such as John Deer logos, or cowboy boots. Some clocks incorporate sounds on the hour, including those that play bits of Christmas carols, bird songs, or religious tunes.

Many of the same themes mentioned regarding wristwatches are also available in clocks. There are puzzle clocks, and, of course, there are cuckoo clocks that range from simple to hand-carved elaborations.

Finally, for first year anniversary gifts consider a truly heirloom quality clock. This might be a time piece that can be engraved with the couple's names and wedding date, with a suitable quotation or other message. It might also be a very traditional clock, such as a grandfather or mantle clock, or it could be a replica of a famous time piece such as Big Ben's clock or a railroad station clock. Dedicate some time to the anniversary gifts, 1st year category and you will find a whole new realm of gift giving. The possibilities, of course, are endless, so making a choice depends on your sense of the couple, what they would enjoy, and what you are able to afford.

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