Fourth Wedding Anniversary: Best Gifts for 4 Year Anniversaries

Congratulations on your fourth wedding anniversary! Only one more year and you will be hitting your first 'mini-milestone' your 5th wedding anniversary. But for now, lets look at some great gift and celebration ideas for your 4 year wedding anniversary!!

Flowers and Fruits

Flowers have enjoyed the reputation of romance for many years. If you pair your bouquet of flowers with a fruit gift basket you have the perfect traditional 4th wedding anniversary gift.

Linen or Silk

When you think about linen and silk, one of the first things that comes to mind is texture. Quality linen and silk are soft and smooth - perfect for updating your bedroom linen! You may also want to consider silk lingerie, or silk pajamas for this years anniversary.


While this is not a strictly 4 year wedding anniversary symbol, sometimes its nice to change things around. A gadget loving spouse would love to receive the latest plaything such as ipad, iphone, kindle, mobile phone or even a laptop.

Blue Topaz or Blue Zircon

Courage, fidelity, gentleness, eager love and divine goodness are the characteristics of Blue Topaz. It is believed to bring its wearer recognition, wealth and protection against evil.

Alternatively, symbolizing respect, Blue Zircon's brilliance has captured the hearts of those who have laid eyes on its beauty. It is believed to be a charm against jealousy and theft.

Jewelry featuring either of these gems are perfect for the 4th wedding anniversary.

Color and Flower: Green & Geranium

Green, green your world is green! According to the list of wedding anniversary colors the fourth wedding anniversary celebration color is green.

Geranium is the 4th wedding anniversary flower.

A Few More Ideas

  • Bonsai plants
  • Potted indoor flowering plant
  • Flowering fruit tree
  • Gardening basket with seeds and garden tools
  • Baking apple pie
  • Mobile phone
  • Ipad
  • Laptop
  • Backpack for hiking
  • Sports bag
  • Sports memorabilia

    Romantic Gifts

  • Flower-shaped jewelry
  • Visit a botanical garden
  • Do-it-yourself flower arrangements
  • Floral smelling candles
  • Decorative pillows

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