For Your Sporty Husband
Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

You task - find a sporty husband wedding anniversary gift...

Your wedding anniversary is looming and your sports mad husband can be seen in front of the box excitedly jumping up and down every time his team scores...

Many husbands are passionate about some type of sport, whether as a player or a spectator. Most fall a bit under both categories. We have included anniversary gift ideas for men in these categories sport spectator husbands, sport doer husbands and also for you as a sports mad couple.

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Consider buying sporting anniversary gifts for husbands online, this can sometimes be significantly cheaper than offline shopping - and you don't have to deal with any pushy salespeople!

Spectator Sporting gift ideas:

For the husband who has to watch "his team" in every game they play, rejoices in their triumphs and saddens in their failures... Consider a husband wedding anniversary gift from the following...

  • Tickets to his favorite teams next game

  • Season pass ticket - He will love you for this - never miss a game!

  • Best Seats for a special game, consider ringside at a basketball game for example...

  • Sports memorabilia for his team

  • Subcription to his favorite sports magazine (Save heaps on Sports Magazines at BlueDolphin)

  • If possible organize for him to met his favorite professional sports star...

  • Golf memorabilia - for example:

  • Get an Online Sports Gift Card - the oldest and largest sports catalog on the internet

    Doer Sports Mad Husbands:

    What about the husband who never seems to stop... manages to get some golf, mountain biking and a spot of rock climbing in - all on the same day?

  • Sporting equipment...this is a good choice as it covers a range of budgets - a golf glove or golf clubs are significantly different in price, but both show thoughtfulness in you gift buying....

  • Some great new sporting apparel ... you could get hubby a brand name sports cap!

  • Professional lessons, ie maybe lessons with a golf pro to help with his back swing.

    Tip: Consider your husband - does he feel he is an expert at this sport, if so he may not appreciate the implication that he might do better with lessons

  • Maybe you could have a go at his favorite sport - he might really love it that you have put in the effort and you can do something you love together.

  • Lessons for a new sport - maybe try kite surfing, skiiing or even go on a horse trek.

    Sporty Couple:

  • Take a road trip and explore a new park - bike park, golf course, rock wall...

  • Taking lessons to learn a new sport together is a great way to spend your wedding anniversary for the sports lovers

  • Any of the ideas for spectator sporting and doer sports mad husband could be done together as a couple.

    All the best finding that perfect husband wedding anniversary gift for a sporty guy. Shop for your guys favorite sports items and he wont be disappointed!

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