In No Way Traditional Wedding Anniversary Celebrations!

by Rita
(Schaumburg Il)

Visitors to The Wedding Anniversary Site share stories about how they like to celebrate their wedding anniversaries. Some like to do things the traditional way, others like to do things their way!

This is our 2nd marriage for both of us. We wanted to do something different. So $$ isn't the object here, you could spend $2 or $200. The fun is thinking outside the box and trying to come up with a personalized gift.

Paper was the first year anniversary. He gave me a framed stock certificate from Disney with an inscription "I finally found my princess." Fitting because I collect Cinderella stuff. I gave him an autographed picture of Scott Stapp from Creed because it is our favorite band.

Last year - year 5, he gave me a pear tree because I love pears. I gave him an Apple Ipod. The theme was fruit.

This year I am waiting....but I have the perfect gift for him. The theme is Iron and I bought him an Iron Maiden t-shirt, one of his favorite bands! We can't wait to see what the other has chosen! It's about fun and personalizing it!

Thanks Rita for sharing your views about traditional wedding anniversaries and celebrations.

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