Our First Wedding Anniversary Celebration

by Tanya

My husband got more then he realized when he married me. He got two children and all their headaches. For a 1st anniversary gift, I decided that the best thing for us to do was get away from the children for a great alone week in New Orleans.

He was not married before and his parents never made it til their first anniversary before they split. So a 1st anniversary gift was new to him. We had a great time in New Orleans. The hotel that we stayed at new it was our 1st anniversary and for a gift from them to us, was a bottle of red Merlot wine, two wine glasses and a box of candy. The first night we drank the wine and had some candy.

I didn't realize that when i booked the week, it was a famous hotel for honeymooners and anniversaries. We were excited meeting other people that were celebrating their anniversary.

Since that vacation we have celebrated many 1st anniversary and have given gifts for that occasion. We have gotten 1st year anniversary ideas from talking to all the couples we met on the our trip.

My husband was jealous when he found out that someone had gotten a wide screen tv for their 1st wedding anniversary present. Every since then he has asked he friends what they get for their first year anniversary gift. He wants to know so he can give ideas for a first year gift idea.

So now he is in to celebrating any anniversary so he can get a gift. Some of the ideas that he would like is: flat screen TV, Tools, New Car, IPod, New computer, so I also told him I would like a new sewing machine, new car, to be taken out to dinner once in a while, dishwasher and a free night for just me and him.

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