Our Parents 50th Anniversary Party - Casual Golden Wedding Anniversaries

by Kristine
(Michigan, Usa)

When my sisters and I planned our parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Party we decided to keep it simple and casual. We decided on a lunch party, so scheduled it to start at 1:00 p.m.

We reserved a private room at one of their favorite restaurants for the party. We sent out invitations to family and friends, asking them all to join us in the celebration. We requested that they not bring gifts, just plan on paying for their own meal. In keeping with the casual theme, many of our invites went out via email and personal phone calls.

My sisters and I took my mother shopping for a new outfit, but kept it casual too, getting her a nice pants outfit dressy enough to feel dressed up mid-afternoon, but still comfortable enough for a long day of sitting, standing, and hugging everyone. My mom wore a corsage, that my father pinned on her new blouse.

For entertainment, my sisters and I took the melody of a family favorite hymn, and changed the words in a clever (and very silly) way to include childhood memories of growing up as their daughters. We had a CD of love songs playing in the background as we ate our lunch, including many oldies but goodies that the older folks really enjoyed.

We also had family and friends lift their glasses in a toast to my parents, sharing a fond memory or giving them best wishes for many more years together. We decorated for their anniversary party with framed photographs of my parents and our childhood home, their children, their pets, as well as their siblings and parents.

We presented them with a photo album that was made by combining all of our old photos in new prints and putting them in chronological order. Though I searched for anniversary party ideas, the games just didn't seem to be what our family wanted to do, so we settled for visiting, eating, and just catching up.

We had arranged ahead of time for the restaurant to give us all the time we needed in case we wanted to linger and just talk, which they did! We ordered a nice sheet cake for dessert, with "Happy 50th Anniversary" and my parents names written in icing, with lots of flowers for decoration.

We brought our own paper plates and forks for this, as well as imprinted napkins for the special day. We kept the cost of this anniversary party on the low side; the meals averaged between $8 and $12 depending on the entree chosen, and nobody had an issue with paying for their own meal. It was by far less expensive than purchasing a gift.

My parents stated that after 50 years together, they really didn't need (or want) anything else to display or dust. Everyone had such a great time just catching up and spending time together. We loved it because there was no clean up, and no real expense.

We took care of the gratuity and the cake, clothing and photos, but split between the sisters it was really a nominal cost for a truly great and memorable anniversary party.

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Nov 05, 2015
Congratulation! NEW
by: Susan Fernando

Congratulation! I am praying for your parents together forever and you and your sister enjoy again the 75th anniversary celebrate them. You share a nice post I think you and your sister more love with your parents. Website

Nov 05, 2015
Nice post! NEW
by: Edward

Great post.


Feb 12, 2012
Sounds Lovely
by: Joni

It sounds like the Anniversary party you and your sisters put together for your parents was just what they wanted...and that's who counted the most on their special day. My parent's 50th celebration is this coming Saturday and I've been trying to find tips on a "program" which is how I came across this site. My mother suffers from dementia and my father cares for her full time at home. We have a large family and they've many friends from church and the neighborhood who will be coming. We are having the party at their church. I loved what you said about guests not really needing to be entertained but just enjoying catching up with one another. That sounds like our family. We probably don't have much more time with Mom still able to do things like this so it seems all the more important to give plenty of time for guests to mingle and make memories....Mom won't have them but we will. The bottom line...if you have parent's who have been committed to one another for 50 years or more, it doesn't matter how you celebrate...just celebrate!

Aug 19, 2011
Parents 50th Anniversary Party
by: Beverly

My sisters & I went w/a small, immediate family dinner party at home for our parents; & we decorated everything in gold & had violet flowers on the tables w/candles.

* We had sit down dinner, then cake. Also had homemade ice cream (this was in Aug, so it was fitting for that! ha)
* We gave them gift certificates to their favorite restaurants.
* We had family picture's made for them, along w/a 50th anniversary plate made for them.
* We surprised them w/a ppt presentation, along w/their favorite music & all family members received a copy of the ppt presentation; and surprised them w/many anniversary cards from family & friends.

This was a huge surprise & went well!

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