Personalized Anniversary Gift Idea for Men: Guide to Choosing a Truly Personal Anniversary Gifts for Husbands

by Candace
(Florida, USA)

Editors note: Personalized Anniversary Gift Idea for Men was shared by using the anniversary gifts for him form, share with us your anniversary gift ideas for husbands.

What makes a gift personal gift not personal?

Men can be so hard to buy for. If they have a hobby such as golf, they are often inundated with gizmos that they don’t really need or supposedly-thoughtful items such as a year’s supply of golf balls.

What makes a thoughtful gift, a truly thoughtful gift, and what makes a gift a much appreciated surprise?

The trouble with modern times is that everything is so easily had, and we have far larger disposable incomes compared to any other time in history. People generally gift themselves on a regular basis if they really want something in particular and don’t wait for someone else to think of it.

Presents, once-upon-a-time a “special something”, is now part of so many holidays where gift giving is considered a mandatory element. How do we inject that “special something” and thoughtfulness back into our gift giving?

A lot of people make the mistake of gifting their loved ones something they think they need. Yes, reading the Twilight series would probably help him understand the movie, but it’s pretty unlikely he’ll treasure the process and what point is creating horrible memories for him?

What makes a great personalized gift?

My Aunt Marlene always gives the best presents. They don’t cost much and she’s always got one for you, whatever the occasion. She made me a fleece blanket that I’ve been swaddled every winter for the past 8 years. I didn’t ask for one, I didn’t even know I wanted or needed one- how did she know? She knows because she pays attention and listens to people all year around; she understands your likes, dislikes, remembers what’s going on in your life and figures that you could use that 1-Hit-Wonders CD and 10,001 Trivia book on that road trip you are planning to take.

Use this personalized gift giving knowledge in practice with your husband:

I applied this theory to my husband, and he gets excited for his surprise present on every occasion. I keep a secret list of ideas I get from paying attention to him all year around. Sometimes he will say offhand “I wouldn’t mind one of those” and promptly forget, adding to the element of surprise when he finally gets one.

But you shouldn’t play fairy godmother to his material gift fantasies on your anniversary. This day commemorates you together, and should be celebrated as such.

It should be a selfless token of your love for him. Take something he enjoys and making it a group event (or just the two of you).

For example:

If he likes golfing, don’t get him golf balls. Make a reservation at that golf course he’s been meaning to try out and go with him. If you hate golf, just drive the golf cart and golf-clap his spectacular form, he’ll love the attention.

Another idea is to do something new together that you haven’t tried yet, like zip-lining or caving, or check out “tourist in your own city” deals.

Your life together is a thrilling adventure, your anniversary is a great day to celebrate this fact.

The best gifts are thoughtful gifts, and thoughtful gifts come from thoughtful people. Make things easier for yourself; keep a list year round and don’t check it twice - check it often.

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