Traditional 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you like following old customs and practices, you will surely be looking for traditional 2nd wedding anniversary gift ideas. Learn how to make the celebration of a 2nd wedding anniversaries special following the traditional anniversary symbol of cotton.

Gifts for her, gifts for him and gift ideas for your adult child celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary.

Surpassing the 2-year adjustments and the 2-year success in marriage need to call for a celebration. A small gathering of just family members, a huge feast of friends and families, or romantic anniversary getaways are all potentially on the cards

When you think of cotton, what comes immediately into your mind are clothes, linens and undergarments. It would be more fun to add a touch of surprise in the way these gifts are to be given.

Cotton Anniversary Gifts for Him

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts are usually cotton clothing, bathrobes, bedsheets, and towels. Cotton clothing can be couple tee-shirts with lovable prints that bring a little romance into the day. Bathrobes and towels can be matched with tickets to a day in the spa.

Cotton bedsheets are great for a cotton marriage anniversary. The throw can be nice, snuggly, and comfortable somewhere you can cuddle happily!! Spice things up a bit with champagne, cheeses and chocolates... let the romance begin!!

Cotton Anniversary Gifts for Her

A modern approach to cotton for the second anniversary gift is new sexy lingerie for your wife. Slip in a romantic note in the package adding, "Wear this tonight..." and plan for a passionate evening. Quick tip: check what size she wears at home before you buy... don't just guess!

Think outside the square for the best ideas for second wedding anniversaries...

Who thought that the cotton toilet paper could be romantic? Unrolling about 10 plys of it and writing romantic messages on each ply would be a fun game for the both of you. You could turn it into a romantic treasure hunt, or include anniversary poetry.

Cotton Anniversary Gifts for Your Adult Child

Your recently married son or daughter might still need something that help the couple in their household. Decorative rugs, fine cotton curtains and Egyptian cotton sheets are great for the couple's timeless traditional 2nd wedding anniversary gift that can be enjoyed and last for many years.

You may enjoy the list of traditional anniversary gifts to find out what the other years are.

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