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Thanks to The Wedding Anniversary Site I am location independent and living my dream lifestyle.

There was a time not that long ago when I struggled to attach a photo to an email. Despite this I turned the subject of wedding anniversaries into this income generating website. Today my hubby and I earn our living from our 5 income generating hobby websites. Read my about page to learn more about us.

You may be surprised, as I was, that creating income generating websites is no longer just for computer nerds. 5 years ago I could not even imagine living the lifestyle I now lead. With the right tools, some guidance and a whole lot of motivation almost anyone has the opportunity to be successful. Many people are curious about the nuts and bolts of how this "make money online" thing works so I have put together a brief overview of my story.

My Work for Myself Dream Changes Paths

A few years back my husband and I started a landscape gardening business in pursuit of our dream lifestyle. Our business was a success - and within a short time we had a thriving little business on our hands. Once this business was rolling there was not so much for me to do on the business end... so I started to look for a new personal challenge.

I wanted something that I could:

  • do from home
  • avoid customers or clients
  • have flexible lifestyle
  • be mentally stimulating

    And I found something that fit all the criteria... with a bonus - ongoing passive income.

    How My "Little Hobby Project" Turns Into Real Income

    In my searches online, I had come across the idea of income generating websites based around a certain niche topic. Although the idea sounded appealing - I just couldn't see how I could get involved with my limited computer skills. Around this stage I discovered an online course that claimed anyone could turn their hobby or passion into real dollar profits.


    As with anything of this nature - 'get-rich-quick' alarm bells started ringing pretty strong in my ears. So I did the only sensible thing and researched the legitimacy of the program as thoroughly as I knew how. After a lot of reading, research and analyzing I realized that all that was left was to give it a go. As Site Build It came with a 30 day money back guarantee I felt like I had nothing to lose.

    I quickly discovered that when you are new to website building there is just so much to learn!! But the step by step, easy to follow format really helped my progress. Site Build It also provided a handy checklist so it was easy to keep track of my progress. Within a few months I could see real growth in my website in terms of traffic. At around 6 months after I first added advertising, I was making around $220USD a month.

    A Bit More About What Site Build It Actually Is

    In simple terms Site Build It is an educational course that teaches you how to build a successful online business. SBI is presented in a step-by-step format, and in the ten lessons I learned nearly everything I needed to know about building a profitable business online. The best part is that it is entirely self paced - you can take as long as you need to complete at each stage.

    Some of the things that Site Build It taught me included:

  • how to choose a profitable niche based my hobbies
  • the right way to write for the internet
  • different ways a website can make money (there are loads!!)
  • how to earn good search engine rankings so people find your website
  • how to get visitors to my website without paying for advertising
  • how to build webpages without having to learn html (although I later did learn html and css)

    The idea is to build a high value website based on your hobby or passion. Thousands of people have the SBI system working for them already. As your website ages you will attract more and more visitors, soon thousands of people will view your website click on your ads and buy products that you recommend to them.

    This develops into a steady income stream that flows even when you are not working on your website.

    Is Site Build It for You?

    Building a website is hard work, and it takes time.

    Site Build It is definitely not for you if you are looking for a magic get rick quick scheme.

    Site Build It is for people who have a strong desire to take charge of their lives, and are prepared to put in the work to get there. I know of single mothers, retirees, students and many others who make their living from hobby themed websites. Anyone who really wants to can make Site Build It work for them.

    "My mom became interested in SBI! about a year after I started my first site. Since then she's been working on her own sites which are now bringing in a nice monthly income for her. Many people ask me about how I earn a living. They're all curious... lots of questions and a sparkle in their eye as they think about how they could do it too... and they could! In truth though, most of them don't. So seeing my mom go ahead and create her own success is incredible!"

    ~ Michelle Schill

    How Site Build It Changed My Life

    Saying something "changed my life" always sounds a little silly and over the top to me. However I really do not know how else to explain what the education I gained from SBI did for me. I have overhauled my life and recreated it to suit me. I work around my life, not live round my work.

    Now I love what I do. In my past employment I have never really enjoyed "going to work". I thought I was lazy. Building an online business helped me discover I am not lazy, I just don't fit into the employee drone mold very well. I don't have to deal with work place gossip, dress codes or even just having to work between certain hours. I don't get "Mondayitis". My commute is non-existent - I work when it fits in around life on the road. I am free to live my life to the fullest and I really couldn't ask for more.

    It wasn't until my first website had been monetized a bit over a year old and it was earning just shy of $1000 a month, that I realized I had something amazing going on! My site was making money at this stage whether I worked on it or not. I was seeing the real power of passive income in work. The obvious benefits to creating income online were becoming obvious to me, and I had a light bulb moment.

    This was a turning point. When we saw these real monetary returns, from my first website (this one) we decided to explore the possibility of making more than pocket money online. The simplest way to do this we could see was to diversification.

    When One Website Becomes Five Websites

    When you start to see powerful passive income working in your own life, it is almost impossible to not want to leverage it. The most logical step appeared to be stabilizing my income by diversifying. I started to think about building another website. Nowadays I now run a total of three income generating websites (including this one).

    As Hubby was witnessing my success, he decided he wanted a piece of the pie. Now he runs two websites himself. We make our living from the 5 income generating websites we have between us. What happened to our landscape gardening business? Well we sold it in July 2010 and we now are on the road travelling long term, supporting ourselves from our income generating websites.

    It is not necessary to have several websites to make a good living online. It is possible to earn several hundreds or thousands a month from one website. However for us we like the added security of a diversified income stream, and having different projects to work on so we don't get bored!!

    Sounds Like a Good Idea... But How Do You Choose a Niche?

    Personally, I recommend just getting started with one website to learn the ropes. It makes starting a second or third website so much easier than trying to start with 2 or 3 websites straight from the word go. Choosing a topic you are passionate about will make building your website so much easier. Trust me... writing about your passion makes a HUGE difference to your motivation!!

    Great places to start niche brainstorming are your hobbies or passions. What is the subject you talk most about? If someone were to describe you what would they say you are interested in? You could pick a niche based on your favorite craft, sport or cause. It really is up to you.

    Still stuck? Cannot think of anything you could build a website about? This is another area that Site Build It comes to the rescue. An early lesson is a guide to choosing the right niche for you. Something you are passionate about, knowledgeable in (or interest in learning more about) and last but not least - will be profitable. SBI will help you find that niche.

    SBI is your choice if you want to join the thousands of real people, having real results and a benefiting from a real work-at-home system.

    As you are a typical, savvy internet user you may want to know a little more before biting the bullet. That is where you have the opportunity to ask a SBI owner directly.

    "What happened to instigate this dramatic, life-enhancing change? The turning point was when I bought SBI. From there, my options were limitless, and everything changed."
    ~ Marney Makridakis

    Artella Words And Art

    The Slow and Steady Tortoise Wins the Race

    The SBI mascot is a Tortoise. A great way to show how "a little, often" is the way to online success.

    Site Build it provides simple things like point and click templates, allowing you to have a great website without knowing html. They do the heavy lifting with web forms, ezines (if you want one) and how to choose what to write about. Don't worry if these terms mean nothing to you, soon you will be wondering why everyone doesn't know what a "tier 2 page" is!

    When I first began I was impatient to "catch up" with others who had made SBI work for them. I was determined to go from a technologically incapable bumbler into a web savvy guru in as short a time as possible. I burnt out. I learned that if you just pace yourself and do a little each day to grow your business - in just one year you can achieve a lot.

    One of the best parts about building an online income stream is that you can do it at your own pace. I have had several times where I did not touch my websites for several months at a time and they continued to make me money. Sometimes, due to my travel lifestyle, I do not have the time or the Internet connection available to work - yet my websites continue to make money.

    Mark Twain sums things up rather nicely:

    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do."

    In twenty years are you going to regret not clicking on this link?

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