Wedding Anniversary Gift List

There are two main wedding anniversary gift lists commonly known. The traditional wedding anniversary gifts and the modern anniversary list. There are also flowers and gemstones associated with each year.

People have been getting married since the beginning, and people also love to create traditions. Therefore the traditional wedding anniversary gift list was born. Over time there have been a variety of lists, which combined to form the traditional list we know today.

Did You Know?

The first known celebrations of silver wedding anniversaries was in Germany?

Learn more about history of wedding anniversaries

Then people decided the traditional wedding anniversary gift list was old fashioned. So they gave it a bit of refreshing, and the modern anniversary list came into existence. Though today one could argue that it is not so modern!

Following along on one or a combination of these lists can make for fun anniversary times. And really takes the stress out of thinking of a new present each year!

Click on your year for more details, including flower and gemstones associated by year. You will find ideas for how to celebrate, and romantic ideas for gifts using the assigned material, flower or gemstone.

Anniversary Gift List

Year Gemstones Flowers Traditional Modern
1st Wedding Anniversary Gold Jewelry Pansy
paper clock
2nd Wedding Anniversary Garnet
3rd Wedding Anniversary Pearls
Fuchsia leather crystal
4th Wedding Anniversary Blue Topaz Geranium books/flowers
5th Wedding Anniversary Sapphire Daisy
wood silverware
6th Wedding Anniversary Amethyst Calla Lily
7th Wedding Anniversary Onyx
Jack-in-the-Pulpit copper
desk set
8th Wedding Anniversary Tourmaline Clematis
9th Wedding Anniversary Lapis Lazuli Poppy

10th Wedding Anniversary Diamond Jewelry Daffodil
diamond jewelry
11th Wedding Anniversary Turquoise
Morning Glory steel fashion jewelry
12th Wedding Anniversary Jade Peony
color gems
13th Wedding Anniversary Citrine
Hollyhock lace furs/textiles
14th Wedding Anniversary Opal Dahlia

ivory gold jewelry
15th Wedding Anniversary Ruby Rose

crystal watches
16th Wedding Anniversary (no symbol)
(no symbol)
(no symbol) silver
17th Wedding Anniversary (no symbol)
(no symbol)
(no symbol) porcelain
18th Wedding Anniversary (no symbol)
(no symbol)
(no symbol) furniture
19th Wedding Anniversary (no symbol)
(no symbol)
(no symbol) bronze
20th Wedding Anniversary Emerald
Day Lily
china platinum
21st Wedding Anniversary (no symbol)
(no symbol)
(no symbol) bronze/nickel
22nd Wedding Anniversary (no symbol)
(no symbol)
(no symbol) copper
23rd Wedding Anniversary (no symbol)
(no symbol)
(no symbol) silver plate
24th Wedding Anniversary (no symbol)
(no symbol)
(no symbol) musical instruments
25th Wedding Anniversary Silver Jubilee Iris silver silver
30th Wedding Anniversary Pearl Jubilee

pearls diamond jewelry
35th Wedding Anniversary Emerald (no symbol) coral jade
40th Wedding Anniversary Ruby Nasturtium Ruby Ruby
45th Wedding Anniversary Sapphire (no symbol) sapphire sapphire
50th Wedding Anniversary Golden Jubilee Violet
gold gold
55th Wedding Anniversary Alexandrite (no symbol) emerald emerald
60th Wedding Anniversary Diamond Jubilee (no symbol) diamond diamond
70th Wedding Anniversary Sapphire/Smoky Quartz
(no symbol) diamond
75th Wedding Anniversary Sapphire Jubilee (no symbol) diamond diamond

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Click on the numbers for gift ideas for each year including the modern, flower, gemstone, color and traditional anniversary gifts.

More years are included on the full wedding anniversary gift list.

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