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A celebration is coming up and you are anticipating doing a wedding anniversary toast, don't worry we have put together this guide to toasting.

Awesome Toasts for Wedding Anniversaries!

A while ago I had a survey asking people they felt went into a great anniversary party toast... here are some of the great ideas from the WA community. (If you have your own ideas feel free to share them at "Wedding Anniversary Toasts Should Be...")

"Talking about the love the two individuals have for each other. Sharing touching stories that demonstrate their love. Making the marriage look epic, something everyone else should envy and strive for. Talk about the cute things they do together, how to compliment each other, miss each other, constantly talk or think about each other."


"A great wedding anniversary toast will cover joys and successes of the past years of marriage, a renewal of commitment to the relationship and promises for the years to come. Make sure to make a positive emotional impact whether through the use of humor or the use of a "tender-hearted" moment. I would personally toast the following (may be a bit generic, but you'll get the point): When the two of you first committed to loving each other for the rest of your lives, I was a bit skeptical. How could the two of you make it work? But after seeing you through (--insert personal account of either a trying time or a great success the couple has gone through --), I realized that you could make it through anything together. I love you, am proud of you, and support you. Here's to many more triumphs! Avoid using jokes that are tired, old "marriage is terrible" jokes. Sure, you'll probably get a laugh, but the goal here is to commend the couple and build them up not to discourage them and tear them down. Rehearse your toast to the point where you feel natural and comfortable saying it out loud. This way you won't flub your way through it or make it sound rehearsed. Whether seated or standing, make sure you face the couple and address it specifically to them. Let the couple know that THEY are the center of attention, not you."


"The person giving the toast should be able to share great stories of the married couples lives together and all of the ways that they are a wonderful couple."


"To my wonderful husband and friend, the last 20 years have been full of fun, excitement and I hope for 20 more blessed years."


"A great wedding anniversary toast will be short, interesting, touching, and funny. It should include why the couple is important to the person toasting, why they make a great couple and an anecdote about the couple that illustrates this. If you can make the audience laugh, great, but if not just keep it short, sweet, and to the point."


"A great wedding anniversary toast should consist of an opening in which you tell how you know the couple and for how long. You should follow with a personal story (that is appropriate for a group)that illustrates how far they have come together or why they make a great team. Finish with a heartfelt wish for many more happy years together."


"A great wedding toast has 3 H's: humor, humility, and heartfelt affection. Without all 3 it's "good" at best. "

"They say that the first year of marriage is usually the worst. It is that time when your wife realizes that her new husband leaves the toilet seat up and it is that time when a husban realizes that his wife has no idea how to cookk half as well as his mother could have. It is usual full of financial issues and fighting, there are days when you think to yourself, "What in the world have I done?" But..... It is also the time where you realize that your husband or wife is an actual person.... And not the person that you thought that they were. They are a real living breathing person, with hopes, and feelings, and dreams. It is the year after your wedding when you first meet the woman or man that you will spend the rest of your life with. It is the fist time that I met my wife..... And it is the first time that I realized that I loved my wife more than I had before that day or that year. It is the first time that I realized that I had begun my life with the woman of my dreams........ My wife."


"A great wedding anniversary toast should not drag on for more than a minute but be filled with kind words, precise examples of good memories of the past, flow naturally showing thought was put into it, and wishes for a happy future. There should not be anything meant to embarrass just to get an easy laugh."

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