Yearly Anniversary Gifts - What to Get For 4th Anniversary?

Question from Lisa (Australia)

orange anniversary flower
My husband and I have followed the yearly anniversary gifts so far, but this year (4th) I am stuck, do you have any ideas?


Hi Lisa,

Congratulations on your 4th wedding anniversary!

The traditional anniversary gift is books, flowers or fruit. Have you thought about getting your husband a book on something he loves? Because even someone who does not consider themselves a "reader" can enjoy a book on something they love - such as if he is a bit of a grease head, maybe a book on cars? For the husband who is a reader a first edition of a favorite book would be a great present.

A fruit basket is always a nice option for the 4th wedding anniversary. You can get some quite exotic fruit baskets!

The modern symbol is linen or silk. Depending on your husband - maybe a silk tie would be an appropriate gift? Or some clothing, could be sport memorabilia, or maybe sports gear!

Thank you for your question Lisa. Wishing you and your husband a happy anniversary.

All the best,


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